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Augmented Reality Notebook: Slice Planner

Slice Planner is an augmented reality notebook that uses a hybrid digital and paper planning system. Instead of being forced to use either a digital calendar or paper planner, Slice Planner allows you to switch between them seamlessly. It combines a paper planner with a digital calendar and uses augmented reality and computer vision to upload information to your favorite digital calendar. It provides a flexible solution to allow you to have the best of both paper and digital planners.

The Key to the Augmented Reality Notebook

A clock face diagram reminiscent of an analog clock is used to help visual thinkers keep track of their time and plan activities in an intuitive way. The diagram provides a digital display of the day at a glance.

augmented reality notebook

It’s similar to an analog clock face, with only 12 hours available. This prevents you from overworking and over-scheduling yourself – to plan for the other half of the day, simply use the next page. The diagrams are undated, so you can miss days without wasting pages.

The Slice Planner app uses computer vision to digitize events from the planner into your favorite digital calendar. Titles will be recognized using Google Cloud Vision (quality depends on your handwriting. The augmented reality mode lets you check whether there are overlapping events in your schedule, which can be quickly resolved in the digital editor. Smart Crop allows you to quickly remove a small piece of information from other unnecessary information just by outlining the data. You can also easily share your pages via email, cloud, or by attaching them to calendar events.

augmented reality notebook

Key Features

  • Comfortable size & lays truly flat
  • Smart layout
  • Two bookmarks
  • Refills for soft cover
  • Digitized Events
  • Augmented Mode
  • Smart Crop
  • Advanced Sharing

Price and Availability

Slice Planner is available on Kickstarter for a preorder price of $30. The first batch of notebooks is set to ship in December 2016, with the following batch shipping March 2017. The Kickstarter campaign is set to end on November 25th.

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