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Graduation Gift Guide for All Ages

It’s that time of year, to hear the “Pomp and Circumstance” march, see decorated caps and start looking for the perfect graduation gift and card for that special graduate in your life.  Across the country, graduates are preparing to cross the stage and enter into a completely new chapter of life.  If you’re invited to a graduation ceremony or party and don’t know what to buy, you’re in luck.  Use this graduation gift guide for all ages and find a creative graduation that fits every new stage of life and is useful and fun!

Graduation Gift Guide

Jr. High Graduation Gift Guide

The High School years are a rite of passage and unforgettable years.  Teens approach this transition with a mixture of anticipation, uncertainty, hesitation, and excitement.  Buy your young graduate a gift that transcends the different stages of High School and can be used at any time.

Graduation Gift Guide

Totoro Notebook

Graduation Gift Guide

High School is filled with different memories, emotions, and experiences that teach valuable lessons.  Give your graduate a space to pen down unforgettable memories with this adorable notebook.  Inside are blank pages for writing and dark pages to save snapshots from homecoming, football game tickets and more. 

Mr. Box Matte Water Bottle

Graduation Gift Guide

P.E., running from class to class and going to extracurriculars, would tire any person out. Give your graduation gift that will keep your graduate hydrated and ready to finish whatever essay, game or project comes their way. This Mr. Box Matte water bottle comes in three different colors and can withstand high temperatures and falls without cracking. It also comes with a long lanyard that can be attached to a backpack or bag.

Secret Notebook

Graduation Gift Guide

Privacy is super important to any high schooler. This secret notebook is the perfect gift for your new graduate to store any private notes from crushes or any other types of relics. The outside looks like a real book, while inside a metal safe with a lock protects all valuable items.   

High School Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation Gift Guide

Gone are the years of class periods, drivers ed and prom, and high school graduates have a whole new chapter to walk into.  For many high school graduates, college is the opportunity to start new and have new experiences.  Buy your graduate a gift that will make living away from home a breeze and help them get through late nights studying, waking up early for exams and all the other college traditions.

String Lights

Graduation Gift Guide

One of the most fun parts about heading off to college is meeting your new roommate and decorating your dorm room or apartment.  These Rattan Ball String Lights can make any room cozy and homey, and are the perfect undercover night lights.  Pair the lights with this comfy bean bag chair, and your graduate’s new home will be set!

LED Book Reading Panel

Graduation Gift Guide

Every college graduate can remember pushing through those late nights spent studying for finals and preparing projects.  With this Imu reading light panel, students don’t have to worry about waking up their room-mates and can study as late as they need to. Simply turn on the light switch and place the translucent portion of the panel over the page you want to read.

Juice Blender

Graduation Gift Guide

After a couple of months, college students grow tired of their meal plans.  Or they might be on the run in the morning, trying to make it in time for an exam and won’t have time to get food.  This self-blending juicer cup is the perfect gift for those rushed mornings and can prepare a healthy, well-balanced meal in a matter of seconds.  Made portable and easy to carry, students can take their smoothie or juice with them anywhere.

College Graduation Gift Guide

graduation gift guide

College graduates across the globe are finished with student lectures and jumping the world of “adulting”.  Some graduates have landed their first jobs out of school and are entering the workforce fresh-faced, eager and ready to develop their skills and show off their abilities.  Give your graduate a gift that will help them thrive at their new job and make those 8-hour shifts fly by!

Photo StandGraduation Gift GuideThis photo stand can personalize any office, desk or cubicle and make it feel like home.  It can be used to remind your graduate of treasured memories, holding photos of friends and loved ones, or used as a vision board that holds inspirational quotes and notes from treasured people.

Traveling Coffee Cup

Graduation Gift Guide

Coffee is an essential for long commutes to the office and that afternoon pick me up.  Gift your graduate with a  KeepCup Brew, the world’s first barista standard reusable cup designed for the ultimate beverage experience.  With a designated cup for the office, your graduate can always get a refill when they need it and won’t have to run to the office cupboard in desperate need of a caffeine kick, only to find no cups.

Bento BoxGraduation Gift Guide

After a while, paying for lunches gets expensive and old. Many graduates also come to the rude awakening that it’s hard to prepare healthy meals and work full time.  Encourage a healthy lifestyle with these Kokeshi Bento boxes.  Each bento box has two tiers to keep food separate. It also has a bowl for soups and sauces!

Whether your graduate is graduating from Jr. High or Grad School, there is a unique gift for every type of graduate on this graduation gift guide.  If you want to give a little more, check out some of our curated gift boxes!

Besides giving a graduation gift, don’t forget to give a word of encouragement to your graduate to be.  Remind them that there are challenges to be conquered and that they are the person who will succeed! If you’re at a lost for words and unsure of what to say, here’s a good piece of advice from Dr. Seuss’ book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go”.

Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away! You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.

Explore more unique gifts in our Graduation Gifts Collection.

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