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8 Garden Terrarium Kits and Plant Gifts You Need In Your Life

If you love plants and home decor, then write down “garden terrarium kit” and “ready to grow plants” on your shopping list. These green dreams brighten up any space and attract admiring glances and compliments.

Whether you have a green thumb or a faulty track record with plants, we have garden terrarium kits and plant gifts for everyone.  So jump into spring and get some clean air with a garden terrarium kit or ready to grow plant.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite terrariums and plant gifts!

Marimo Garden Terrarium Kit

garden terrarium kit

Marimo Trifoot Terrarium Kit

Garden terrarium kit

Totoro Marimo Terrarium with LED Light

Marimo moss balls are seriously one-of-a-kind. These little algae balls can only be found in two places in the earth, Lake Myvatn in Iceland and Japan’s Lake Akan. Marimo balls are a token of love, good luck and affection, and are known as Japan’s “love plant”. Pretty dreamy and mystical right?

Give someone you love our Marimo Tri-Foot Terrarium Kit. This unique gift is a mini aquarium garden terrarium kit hybrid that fits with any type of home decor. If you know someone who loves Totoro and terrariums, give them our Totoro Marimo Terrarium with LED Light. What could be more magical than the Guardian of the Forest and his little pal Chu watching over you and your Marimo at night?

Ready to Grow & Plant Kit

garden terrarium kit

Cultivate and Eat Kit

Garden terrarium kit


Ready to grow plants are the best type of plant gifts to give. They’re convenient, easy to care for and good gifts for people that have zero plant experience.

Our Cultivate and Eat kit comes with everything you need to cultivate delicious, healthy Japanese greens from seed. Start growing spicy chili peppers, fresh Japanese basil or leafy mustard greens right in the bag.

Our Ecocube is also a fun and compact gift that any person will love, no matter how much experience they have growing plants. These eco-friendly Ecocubes come ready to grow with organic seeds and soil in a biodegradable alder wood cube planter. Grow your own herb garden, flowers or trees.

Both of these ready to grow plant gifts are easy to transplant to large pots once they start to outgrow their homes.

Aquatic Garden Gifts

garden terrarium kit

Baby BiOrb Aquarium with LED

Garden terrarium kit

Water Garden 2.0

This is a shoutout to all the fish mamas and papas! Combine your love of aquatic animals and plants with our aquatic garden gifts. These unique aquariums are showstoppers that are easy to maintain.

The Baby BiOrb Aquarium with LED is a fun and modern aquarium that comes with everything you need to set up a healthy, lush green underwater forest for small sized fish.  Turn on the LED light and transform this aquatic garden into a glowing, enchanting jungle.

Our Water Garden 2.0 is a unique, self-cleaning aquatic garden gift that is topped with an actual organic garden. This gift displays the act of a symbiotic mutual relationship. Fish feed the plants and the plants keep the water clean. Buy this fun aquatic garden for any science lover!

Glass Garden Terrarium Kit

Terrarium Gifts

A glass terrarium is the ultimate garden terrarium kit. It’s a modern, romantic, unique and cool home decor item. It’s the only staple piece you’re space will need.

Our Glass Garden Terrarium Kit is a hexagon shaped terrarium that showcases lush, natural moss and a stone landscape – a serene scene from every angle. It’s easy to care for and is a modern substitute for flowers.

Want to shop more unique garden terrariums? Click here and find the garden terrarium kit of your dreams!

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