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12 Unique and Fun Easter Gift Ideas For The Whole Clan

We have three more weeks until Easter and that means it’s time to research fun Easter gift ideas and decorations. No matter how old you are, everyone appreciates an Easter basket filled with cool and unique treats and goodies.

Easter gifts don’t always have to be cheesy or pointless. This year take a look at our Easter Gift Ideas and find a gift that everyone in your family will love and use after they eat all their candy!

Easter Gift Ideas For the Family Member Who Loves To Host Easter Brunch or Dinner

Bunny Couple Figurine Set

Easter Gift Ideas

Cute bunny decorations is a no brainer gift idea that any host will appreciate. Chances are they have or are building their Easter decoration collection. So give them this pair of charming, round chubby bunnies.

Colorful Baking Cups

Easter gift ideas

These colorful baking cups are one of the best Easter gift ideas to give a host who takes pride in their dish presentation.  Petite, colorful and stylish, these cups are the perfect dishes to hold fluffy soufflés, mini parfaits or scoops of ice cream in these chic cups. The best part of all is that these cute cups can be used all year long!


Easter gift ideas

Our Eggling is by far one of the most unique Easter gift ideas on the list. This Eggling comes ready to grow with seeds and soiled packed underneath its’ delicate shell.  Give this easy to grow plant gift to the Easter host who has a green thumb or wants to develop one.

Fun Easter Gift Ideas For Kids Who Love Animals

Miniature DIY Box Theatre

Easter gift ideas

Surprise your little one with a world of wonder packaged neatly in this colorful tin case. Our Miniature DIY Box Theatre is an intricate and fun 3D puzzle that has magical LED lights and mini story. Each themed box has a different story that shares the adventures of the cute bunny pair, Harry and Bella.

Happy Bunny Socks

Easter Gift Ideas

These cozy bunny socks are a fun and little addition that will fit perfectly in your child’ Easter basket. The cheery faces of these fuzzy bunnies will bring a smile to anyone’s face and they also make the perfect sock puppets.

Chick Night Light

Easter Gift Ideas

Give your little one who’s afraid of the dark a friend that gives off a soft, warm glow and protects them from bad dreams. This adorable Chick Night Light is a sweet and helpful Easter gift / night time buddy. With this chick by their side, your baby will look forward to bedtime!

Easter Gift Ideas For Teens Who Still Expect Easter Baskets

Bunny Power Banks

Easter Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for an Easter gift that your teen will love and use on the daily, this is the gift.  Out of all the Easter gift ideas on the list, what gift is more fitting than a backup phone charger? With this USAVICH Power Bank, your teen can text, like photos on Instagram, listen to music and watch YouTube videos all day long.

Bunny Slippers

Easter Gift Ideas

Bunny slippers are a classic Easter gift that every person of every age appreciates. These slippers are plush, comfy and Instagram ready. Even though they won’t say it, your teen will deep down love this gift and wear these fun slippers around the house.

Bunny Wreath Earrings

Easter Gift Ideas

Give these colorful and eccentric Bunny Wreath Earrings to the teen that likes to make bold fashion choices and stand out.  Made from 14K gold-plated silver and sprinkled with rhinestone accents, these detailed earrings are a grown up and fun gift that your teen will actually want to wear.

 Easter Gift Ideas For Moms Who Love Home Decor

Rabbit Bone China Plate

Easter Gift Ideas

You don’t have to host an Easter brunch to appreciate Easter themed china. Get mom these cute and colorful Easter plates made by artist Lisa Glanz. Made of real bone china, these plates are durable and will last for all the Easter brunches to come. 

Eggshell Mini Pot

Easter Gift Ideas

Creative Easter gift ideas will always score major points, so this year skip the chocolate bunny and give mom a delicate Eggshell Mini Pot. Each eggshell pot is handcrafted from ceramic and has a unique, rustic finish. Complete the gift with a mini succulent!

Hand Blown Glass Vase

Easter gift ideas

Easter gift ideas that include flowers are always winners. Surprise mom with a beautiful arrangement of flowers held together by one of our jewel toned Hand Blown Glass Vases. Each vase is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art. Mom will for sure love this rare vase and use it in every season.

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