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2020 August Birthday Gift Guide

People born in August are either Leos or Virgos, and they have unique traits and characteristics that make them different from others. “Leos are confident,” Dr. Athena Perrakis said, an astrologist and CEO of crystal company Sage Goddess in the US. “They’re very strong people, physically and mentally — they’re very strong-willed. They’re also very proud and very charismatic. Virgos are very organized, very precise, and detail-oriented. They’re reliable and they’re also intelligent, practical people. They’re charismatic, too, but theirs is a quiet charisma.”

After understanding August borns’ personalities, let’s take a look at their birth flower and birthstone! August is the latest month to claim two birthstones: Peridot and Spinel. This green gem is often mistaken for an emerald, but it has its own hue and is just as pretty. It is believed to imbue the wearer with power and influence. Spinel is available in a brilliant range of colors and is believed to protect the owner from harm and provide relief from a bad mood.

The flower for this month is the Gladiolus. It blooms in a variety of colors like red, pink, white, yellow and orange. It stands for sincerity and symbolizes strength of character. It also indicates that the heart is being “pierced with love” if you send it to your lover.

Now, since we have known much information about those who are born in August, we can set about picking gifts for them. Whether you’re looking for a nice gift for your lover or a naughty present for your kids, these affordable but awesome gift ideas are guaranteed to please. Just scroll to find a perfect gift for your special one!

3D Embossed Lion Head Backpack

Leos are represented by the lion, the king of the jungle. They are passionate, brave and strong-minded. What will be a better gift to a Leo than a backpack with a 3D Embossed lion head? This backpack will be the perfect companion when Leos go out or travel, as they prepare to dominate the world.

3-Drawer Bamboo Chest

As mentioned at the beginning, Virgos are organized and detail-oriented, so they will pay attention to every detail in their life to ensure a better quality of life. A messy desktop is not acceptable to them. This 3-Drawer Bamboo Chest will be a help to organize their desktops. Made of eco-friendly, durable bamboo, it keeps the desk looking tidy while keeping office supplies within easy reach. Your Virgo friends will love it!

Surprise Balloon Box (unassembled)

Want a DIY surprise for your loved one? This surprise balloon box is perfect for you. I think you will enjoy the DIY process, blow the balloon, sprinkle petals, and organize the whole layout. When everything is ready, cover the lid and put it in front of him/her to give your special someone an unforgettable birthday gift with a spoilt experience!

Miniature DIY Box Theatre

Another DIY gift for your loved one! It’s very romantic to send it to your friends, lover, family and it means more if you finish the box by yourself! It is filled with amazingly rich details. Once you open this tiny tin case, you will find a hidden world of wonder.

Rainbow Glass Plates

Beautiful tableware usually stimulates appetite. Imagine that you are eating with these rainbow plates, it will seem as if the food has become pleasing and delicious against the dreamy background.

Floral Ice Mold

What a beautiful rose! No one can resist this adorable and practical gift. Take your drinks to the next level with a fancy Floral Ice Mold. Each BPA free, silicone mold creates a beautiful rose that you can put inside your favorite wine, soda, water, and more!

Asymmetric Astronaut Star Earrings

Almost everyone has an astronaut dream in their childhood. For those who love space, the asymmetric astronaut star earrings will surely win their favor. The two astronauts are in different actions, but share one thing in common. Each holds a gold star just for you!

Constellation Coffee Mug

Not only for Leos and Virgos, this mug has all 12 constellations for everyone, which is definitely a perfect gift! With the unique constellation pattern on the glass, it also has an attractive colorful handle, which will bring a good mood for the whole day!

Feather Dip Pen Gift Set

For those who love reading and writing, this feather dip pen gift set will bring them much fun in life. What could be more elegant than penning a letter with a feather quill pen? Our beautifully rendered Feather Dip Pen Gift Sets come in unique themes. For those with a flamboyant streak, choose a complete desktop letter writing set with a wax seal stamp.

Mini Bear Pocket Fan

When the hot summer comes, no one can live without a fan, especially this extremely adorable and portable USB bear fan! Look at his cute face, he must be happy to hitch a ride to school or work and to keep you cool on your commute. Once home, switch the fan blades for the blender attachment and he’ll whip up some cold frothy drinks. Now, that’s a polar pal!

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