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12 Thoughtful & Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas

Summer is a busy time for movers. Chances are, a handful of your friends and family are moving somewhere new. Whether they’re changing zip codes or moving across the country. They deserve a nice gift for all their hard work. We’ve rounded up a list of thoughtful and practical housewarming gift ideas you can order right from our website:

Cylinder Floor Basket

Every home needs a floor basket. Whether you need to store towels, toys, or dirty clothes. Our Cylinder Floor Basket is a must for keeping a clean home. The rope handles make it transportable. So you can move the basket from room to room. Plus, each one comes with its own printed saying for an added touch.

Knotted Cushion

You never want to pick a piece of furniture for someone else. Unless you know their decor. These cushions are an exception to that rule! They come in neutral colors. So, you won’t have to worry about going against their style. These housewarming gift ideas are safe and fun options.

Rose Gold Wire Storage Basket

Fun Fact: You can never have enough storage. And this storage basket combines fashion and functionality. These rose gold baskets are perfect for the home office or bedroom. They also come in four different styles. Feel free to mix and match!

Miss Milk Candle

Our Miss Milk Candle is the perfect housewarming gift. It’s scented with hints of gardenia and musk that’ll add zest to any room. Plus, it comes in a decorative glass holder and matching box. All you have to do is order and gift.

Botanical Wall Art

This is an easy way to add some clean, fresh decor to the walls. This wall art showcases botanical prints that are soft and yes, very green. Thankfully, green is a neutral color (at least when it comes to decor). Like the knotted cushions, these will complement any style.

Gold Spots Ceramic Mug

Are you looking for practical housewarming gift ideas? Coffee mugs! They make great gifts because everyone could use a new one. Our Gold Spots Ceramic Mug comes in a tapered design, that’ll keep your beverage hotter longer.

White Ceramic Flower Pot

Is it warm and sunny outside? Our White Ceramic Flower Pot will make gardening this summer fun. The marbled design will elevate your home’s decor and look beautiful against any backdrop. This pot is so chic you might forget it’s supposed to hold a plant.

French Rose Flower Tea

Housewarming gift ideas don’t have to be furniture or even storage related. You can gift food! Or rather, tea. Our French Rose Flower Tea, made with natural rosebuds, is 100% caffeine-free. You can sip all day without feeling jittery.

Steel Maps For US Cities

Is your friend moving somewhere new? This steel map highlights the main streets and attractions in the US. From Michigan Avenue all the way to Las Vegas. The best part is you can choose which state you want. Is your bestie moving to Chicago? Present them with a detailed map of Chi-Town (frame included).

WyzeCam V2

The greatest gift you could give someone is peace of mind. This WyzeCamV2 will keep an eye on your home – even when you’re not there. It connects to your iPhone so you’ll always know what’s going on inside. Plus, it’s compact size makes it disguisable. And you can store it wherever you want. Your outdoor patio, children’s bedroom, or right next to your puppies bed.

Pour Over Coffee Maker

I love Starbucks as much as the next person. But those prices? Insane! Help your friend save coffee money with cost-friendly housewarming gift ideas. Like, this Pour Over Coffee maker. This coffee maker will help channel their inner barista (and save them money).

Cat & Fish Humidifier

Give the gift of clean air with this Cat & Fish Humidifier. This compact humidifier can fit anywhere. On your desk or your nightstand. Don’t worry, it won’t take up too much space while it fills the air with a refreshing mist. And did we mention it’s cute?

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