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MagePrints brings your photos to life like Harry Potter

Are you amazed by the moving images and talking portraits in Harry Potter’s wizarding world? Now you can bring still photos to life with the same magic – all you need is an iOS app called MagePrints.  With MagePrints, you will be able to instantly order image prints that store and relive your videos or iPhone Live Photos. Simple and fun, it introduces you to the wonderful world of augmented reality and invigorates your precious memories.


How does MagePrints work?

How does the magic happen? MagePrints makes living photo prints by combining three tiers:

  • A video/Live Photo of your choice stored in the cloud
  • A snapshot capturing the most unforgettable moment from the video/Live Photo
  • A premium photo paper for print

MageprintsOnce you receive a photo print ordered from MagePrints, just place the image in front of your smartphone camera, the MagePrints app will automatically scan and recognize the picture and relive the embedded video or Live Photo

How to use MagePrints?

  1. Download the MagePrints app on your iOS device
  2. Pick your favorite video or Live Photo through the MagePrints app
  3. Choose the perfect size for your print from 6”x4”, 4”x6”, 7”x5”, 5”x7”, and 4”x4”.
  4. Select the most memorable moment from the video thumbnails to appear on the print.
  5. Place your order and MagePrints will print the photos on  high-grade paper and deliver to your doorstep.

How much are the photo prints?

Each small print (4” and 6”) costs $1.2, and each big print (7”) is $3.2. Shipping of photo prints is completely free within the United States. You can also test how the magic works without spending a penny on MagePrints. During checking out, just choose to email  photos to yourself and print them at home or  nearby stores. These test prints will be live for 14 days.


Key features

  • Conveniently order photos anytime, anywhere and have them delivered to you.
  • High-quality photos printed on ultra premium photo paper.
  • Applicable to any video or iPhone Live Photos.
  • Regular size photo prints fit into most photo frames, albums, and boards.
  • Straightforward to use
  • Easy checkout with Apple Pay or bank card scan.
  • Affordable prints as low as one dollar each.
  • Free shipping on every order.
  • Free preview by emailing photos to yourself.


Think about all the fun you may have with MagePrints: own a wall of moving images like Harry Potter, make an album of memorable videos that you can sort and browse at hand, and create a surprising photo gift for your family and friends… Cannot wait to test the magic yourself? Download the app here:


To learn more, check out MagePrints here.

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