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How To Do These 2019 Home Decor Trends Without Spending a Bunch of $$$

Even though it’s near the end of January, we’re still feeling all those New Year, New Me vibes.
Especially those “New Year, New 2019 Home Decor Trends” vibes..  

If 2019 is the year to finally add some character to your home, then we are totally feeling you. But if you don’t have the time or budget to fully renovate your place, we totally feel you there too and want to help you incorporate these hot 2019 home decor trends without dipping into your savings.

So scroll down to see what decor trends you can easily do in your home without spending a fortune.

Bold Colors

2019 home decor trends

While the “all-white” decor is light and airy, this year it’s all about bringing more life and drama into your home.  Say goodbye to your all white walls, blankets, rugs, etc. and say hello to bold colors like emerald, maroon, Navy and Meridian Blue.

If re-painting your walls isn’t in your budget, that’s totally ok! Add more “pop” into your room with bold and colorful home decor statement pieces like this Geometric Area Rug.  Using throw pillows, paintings or rugs to incorporate new decor trends in your home is a quick and inexpensive fix!

Sculptural Art

2019 home decor trends

You know you’re finally “adulting” when you start to add art in your home. Well these 2019 home decor trends are about to take your art game to a whole other level because 2019 is all about that sculpture life.

We’re talking about ceramic figurines, glass sculptures, handmade sculptures, the works.  Seamlessly mix this artistic trend in your home by picking neutral colored sculptures. Elegant white or black sculptures, like these Artistic Craft Masks, can work in any type of setting whether you have bright & bold decor, minimal decor or anything in between


2019 home decor trends

Minimalism is soooo 2018. Just kidding, but on a serious note, if you’re a die-hard minimal decor person, that’s awesome and stick with what you love!  If you’re all about bright colors, bold prints and funky designs, now is your time to let it all out.

Maximalism is going to be huge this year, so if you’ve been itching to paint a mural on your living room wall or experiment with paisley wallpaper, do it! An easy and temporary way to have some fun with this 2019 home decor trend is to add unique and cool wall accents like these Wall Butterfly Wings.  This way you can keep them up as long as you’re riding the Maximalist wave and you can just as easily take them down when you’re ready to experiment with other decor trends.

Wood in the Kitchen

2019 home decor trends

Rustic, farmhouse chic is a trend that is here to stay. Think beautiful, handmade wooden dining tables. A team of wooden stools, all varying in sizes and lined up against your kitchen island.  Also think, lots of $$$.

If you worship the ground that Joanna Gaines walks on but can’t afford a gorgeous wooden cabinet, then add little kitchen staple pieces that have earthy elements.  These Gourmet Kitchen Utensils mix warm wooden handles with sleek silicon heads, that will lend a modern and rustic touch to your kitchen counter.

Open Shelving

2019 home decor trends

Why hide your beautiful serving plates or marble cheese board when you can place it proudly on display? This 2019 home decor trend is for everyone that hates hiding their carefully curated china set behind closed cupboard doors.  

Open Shelving adds a new dimension to homes that’s unexpected and aesthetically pleasing. What’s great about this trend is you can use it to play into any type of decor theme. Ready to get your maximalism theme on but still want to have open shelving? Then pick colorful and whimsical floating shelves like these Metal Cloud Wall Shelves.  Problem solved!

Eye-Catching Tilework

2019 home decor trends

There’s something about a tiled wall or floor that adds a much needed “oomph” to the room.  2019 is the year to start tile shopping and add a new dimension and pop of color to your home.  

If you’re all about this trend but are in a living situation where you can add some tile to your walls, then fill your home with tile-inspired pieces like tile coasters or these Geo-Marble Rugs.  Resembling marble tiles, these clever rugs mix geometric shapes in classic grays, blacks and whites with punchy pops of color.

Mustard Yellow

2019 home decor trends

Move over Millennial pink! It’s time for a new color to shine! Whispers from the home designer’s club says that Mustard Yellow is the new “it” color.  

If this 2019 home decor trend is a lil too bright for your taste but one of your New Year’s resolutions is to step outside of your comfort zone, then start small and add little but noticeable mustard yellow home accents like this Half-Time Clock.

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