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Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of Apollo 11 With These Novelties

July 20th is a special day. It’s the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s mission to the moon. For those who don’t remember, 50 years ago as of July 20th, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the moon. This was a huge accomplishment, seeing as they were the first individuals to do so. As the country prepares to celebrate, we wanted to share 11 novelties that’ll help commemorate this day:

Moon Light

Fit with a sturdy base, Our LED Moon Light offers a soothing glow that’ll light up your world. Whether you keep it on your nightstand or your work desk. You’ll enjoy its charming look. The LED light even can adjust between soft yellow and white. Pick the color based on your mood and enjoy its ambiance.

Space Themed iPhone Case

Do you dream of touching the moon? Well, now you can with our Space Themed iPhone Case. With seven available moon designs, you can choose the one that best suits your interests. No matter which design you choose, each case offers shock-proof protection. Your phone will look good and stay chip-free!

Moon Constellations Tapestry

Sleep near the moon with this Moon Constellations Tapestry. Its boho charm will compliment all your hipster decor and make your inner moon child smile. The tapestry features constellations that’ll bring cosmic charm. You can even add string lights to create a dazzling backdrop.

Magic Luminescent Moon Wallpaper

This wallpaper combines design and technology. Not only does it reveal a gorgeous moon, but that moon lights up in the dark. Umm…yes, please! Use our Magic Luminescent Wallpaper to add decor and bring moonlight to your bedroom. 

Astro Fruit Veggie Keeper

Bring produce to the space age with our Astro Fruit Veggie Keeper. This adorable spaceman comes with a giant helmet that’ll keep your fruits and veggies safe. Although it’s small, it’s an ideal size to store small produce; tomatoes, lemons, onions, etc.

Blue Moon Celestial Earrings

Our Bloom Moon Celestial Earrings are the definition of “wearable art.” Wear them on July 20th and show your appreciation. Their crescent blue color enhances their design in a dazzling way. You can buy these earrings in several designs that are all space themed.

Solar System Cuff Bracelet

Love the solar system? Wear it on your wrist! This simple cuff will add just enough elegance and cosmic charm to your July 20th look. Showcasing the sun and planets, this colorful accessory will wow onlookers. Especially those who love the solar system as much as you do!

Astronaut Vase

What better way to celebrate the anniversary of Apollo 11 than with this Astronaut Vase. This space shuttle is the perfect piece of desk decor. It’ll add a pop of art and help commemorate this special day. Place the shuttle, complete with astronauts, on your desk and stare at it all day.

Moon Phase Bracelet

This Moon Phase Bracelet is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s simple and unique with gorgeous details. The bracelet features the seven phases of the moon and moves from crescent to full, and back again. Update your wrist with this lovely statement accessory.

Gravity Wall Clock

Channel the moon and keep track of time with this 10-inch wall clock. Inspired by the movie “Gravity,” this clock showcases an astronaut in space. While the details remain you can choose between several different colored designs. Mount this timepiece to your wall and enjoy!

Glowing Moon-Shaped Keychain

Our Glowing Moon-Shaped Keychain does everything. It’ll hold your keys, help you see in the dark, and celebrate the anniversary of Apollo 11.  Obsessed? Same! Go ahead and take this portable, glowing 3D keychain with you everywhere.

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