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DIY Projects To Keep You Busy This Summer

With the warm weather and endless vacation time, there’s a reason so many of us countdown to summer. But that doesn’t mean this season is all fun and games. Summer can be boring. Which is why you need activities to keep you, and your children, busy. Here are 11 DIY projects that’ll ensure hours of fun:

Marimo Bulb Terrarium

Create your own colorful light bulb with this Marimo Bulb Terrarium. This kit comes with everything you need. Two Marimo bulbs, slow-growing Marimo moss, and pebbles. All you have to do is add water and in no time you’ll have an enchanting new world.

Miniature Dollhouse DIY Kit

Need DIY projects your kids will love? Check out this Miniature Dollhouse DIY Kit. It’s perfect for rainy days when there’s nothing to do. And it’s a great way to ensure your children stay mentally active, while still having fun.

DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Mochi mochi! If you’ve never tried mochi, you’re missing out. It’s the Japanese version of ice cream and now, you can make your own. This DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit creates delicious, rich ice cream. Pick your favorite ice cream, use the mold included in your kit, and treat yourself to this summer dessert.

DIY Body Lotion Making Kit

This kit includes a funnel, 8-ounce bottles and caps, wax, and oils. Everything you need to create delicious smelling lotions. In only a few simple steps, you’ll have fragrant moisturizing lotions you can keep or gift to loved ones.

Wooden Float Frame

Spend this summer creating your own wall art with this Wooden Float Frame. These well-crafted wood frames are available in five different sizes. You can design your botanical dream based on how much wall space you have available. The best part? These frames won’t break the bank!

Handcrafted 1 Gallon Winemaking Kit

DIY projects that double as wine projects? Yes, please. You can create delicious wine with this Handcrafted 1 Gallon Winemaking Kit. It’s designed to brew up to five bottles in only four weeks. Plus, the kit comes with detailed instructions so you really know what you’re doing.

DIY Flower Petals Candle

Summer is long. Why shouldn’t you try your hand at candle making this season? This DIY kit will help you create a beautiful and colorful candle. Keep in mind, things might get a little messy. So wear clothes you don’t mind ruining and carve out enough time to produce the perfect candle.

The Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

This kit is perfect for hot sauce lovers who’re never pleased with restaurant options. In this kit, you’ll have everything needed to create flavorful and unique spices. Perfect for the summer parties you’ll be throwing.

Tabletop Air Plant Terrarium

Design your own terrarium with this kit. In no time, you’ll have your own personal beach you can keep on your desk or nightstand. You can also gift this metal and glass terrarium to someone you love. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the gesture!

DIY Sushi Rolls Kit

Do you love sushi? Then why not find DIY projects that’ll let you express your love? Our DIY Sushi Rolls Kit will teach you how to make great sushi, so you can enjoy your favorite food whenever you want.

Beer Brewing Kits

Got beer? You’re going to love this Beer Brewing Kit. It comes with high-quality ingredients and a step by step guide. Which means you won’t get lost trying to brew one of the nine recipes available in this kit. Choose your recipe and enjoy the taste.

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