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DIY Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love

Let’s get crafty and have some fun with DIY gifts.

With our various DIY gifts, you can find the perfect gift for everyone in your life. From beauty lovers and home décor experts to little ones, we have DIY gifts to keep them busy all year long.

Home Décor DIY Gifts

If your head is always in the clouds, this DIY Cloud Lamp Kit is for you. Create a fluffy cloud, add some lights and stars, feathers, or raindrops, and poof—you have a cloud lamp. Now you can live in the clouds. Don’t just get one; make a sky illusion in your home with more. Invite your friends over for a cloud making party.

Prefer to stay on the ground like plants? Our Heart Tree Diamond Painting Kit includes everything you need to create a tree with a heart-shaped blue crown in a winter wonderland. Stick the “diamonds” to the coded canvas carefully and watch your masterpiece unfold. Accent your wall with this beautiful painting, or gift it to your sweetheart.

Beauty DIY Gifts

Every woman needs a signature scent. Our Mixify DIY Perfume Kit comes with everything you need to start making custom fragrances: 9 scents (3 for each note), 3 or 5 reusable bottles to hold your creations, an instructions sheet, a card for blending notes, and fragrance testing strips. Use them to create fragrances you and your loved one can call your own!

Imagine having your own nail polish? Mix any colors you want, give the product a unique name, and it’s yours to use whenever you please. With the Mixify DIY Nail Polish Kit, you can make your own nail polish, which may become the next OPI! Young girls would love this DIY gift for a sleepover party.

Food DIY Gifts

Spark creativity and satisfy your taste buds with the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit. In collaboration with The Chili Lab, this kit has all the spice blends and tools you need to make two delicious hot sauces at home: the Forager’s Blend (a red hot sauce with deep notes), and the Grove Blend (a yellow hot sauce with bright notes). This kit is the perfect gift for your spice-loving friends.

Got milk? Well, you’re going to need some for the Mozzarella & Ricotta DIY Cheese Kit. The kit comes with everything you need to make your own fresh mozzarella and ricotta; just add milk. Each kit can make 8 batches of cheese. Not a fan of dairy? Try the DAIRY FREE Cheddar, Mozzarella & Ricotta DIY Kit.

Greenery DIY Gifts

Terrariums are not just cute to look at, but also enjoyable to make. Need a Zen moment? Grab this kit, spend time on it, and admire the result. The Marimo DIY Terrarium with LED Light includes two optional marimo, a glass bowl, an LED light, and other detailing. Create a serene ocean scene for your coffee table.

Grow your green thumb with our Culinary Herb DIY Kit! The kit offers everything you need to grow 11 types of herbs, such as basil, chives, and cilantro, in your kitchen or on windowsills, so you can add fresh herbs to your favorite dishes. Keeping an indoor herb garden can also brighten up your home. This DIY kit makes a fantastic gift for your gardener or foodie.

Kids’ DIY Gifts

Kids wanna have fun, too! Let their imagination run wild with all the DIY crafts we can offer. The DIY Butterfly Wings can be personalized to any child’s favorite colors. The kit includes cotton butterfly wings, straps, markers, glitter glue, and instructions. Let kids’ creativity take off!

For the little genius in your life, the Wooden Science Kit will keep them busy creating a fun invention. Choose from models like Da Vinci’s helicopter, a robotic arm, and a medieval trebuchet. They’re not only fun to build but also fully operational. DIY crafts are great gifts for kids, teaching them how learning can be fun!

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