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Create a Relaxing Home Vibe with Various Unique Wallpapers

If you are searching for some inspiration for wallpaper decorating, you are in the right place. There’s no denying that the appropriate wallpaper will improve your mood and the quality of your life. However, it may be not easy to choose a perfect wallpaper to pair with your interior decoration. Here, we will introduce some tips for wallpaper decorating and introduce some unique samples for you.

First, the light intensity of the room determines the wallpaper’s color scheme. The rooms with enough sunshine can choose wallpaper with light color, such as light blue, light green and other cool colors. In addition, it is not advisable to use wallpaper with reflective dots or reflective patterns on a large area. If you use too much, it looks like installing a lot of small lenses on the wall, which makes people feel dazzling. For rooms that lack light, the wallpaper should be dominated by warm colors, such as milk yellow, light orange, light coffee, etc., or choose a brighter wallpaper and avoid excessive use of dark colors, which may emphasize the darkness and cause feelings of depression.

If you like wallpapers with bright lines, bold colors and abstract patterns, then you should pair it with furniture of the same style. If you adopt ordinary and monotonous furniture, it will make the whole space uncoordinated.

Some Color Tips:

Red wallpaper can stimulate and excite the nervous system, increase adrenaline secretion, and enhance blood circulation. But too much exposure to red can produce anxiety, making people feel exhausted. Therefore, the bedroom and study should avoid using too much red.

Orange wallpaper produces vitality, induces appetite and helps calcium absorption. This color is suitable for recreation rooms, kitchens and other places.

Yellow-toned wallpaper improves creativity and thinking, but the golden decoration is easy to cause unstable emotions and arbitrary behaviors, so golden furniture should be avoided in bedrooms, event spaces, and balconies.

Blue can reduce your heart rate and adjust the balance in the body. Using blue in the bedroom can eliminate tension and help reduce headaches, fever, syncope and insomnia.

Let’s take a look at some unique wallpapers!

Abstract Geometric Wallpaper

The gray cubes are suspended in the space, visually creating a very three-dimensional feeling. Staggered and arranged, these three-dimensional cubes are designed to show the changes of light and shadow in the sketch, which is very realistic, thus extending your home space. Coupled with a bit of industrial vibe, this wallpaper is very eye-catching. There are also some faint sketches on the cube, which increases the artistic sense of the space.

Abstract Painting Wallpaper

If you love paintings or have a soft spot for abstract things, then this wallpaper is perfect for you. The design of the space, color and line in the painting is unique and creative. The color scheme is strong and vivid, which can attract people’s attention at the first glance. The picture is rich in content, showing different characteristics of people and objects. It has a strong ornamental value. When you are at home alone, you will unconsciously look at the painting and quietly fall into your own meditation.

Abstract Blue Wallpaper

The blue vertical stripe wallpaper has both ornamental and practical value. This long strip pattern wallpaper with permanence and modernity, can spread color on the entire wall in the most effective way. Simple and elegant, it can pair well with other interior decor. What’s more, vertical stripes can visually increase the height of the room, making your room appear more spacious. Look at this wallpaper and imagine for a while. Do these dense blue lines remind you of a pouring rain curtain? With this wallpaper, you can sit at home and feel the relaxation and comfort brought by the “rain” without getting wet.

Cartoon Astronaut Wallpaper

Cartoon Solar System Wallpaper

The above two wallpapers from the space collection are the perfect bedroom feature for any child (or parent!) who is fascinated by the wonders of space. This fun and educational hand-painted design displays the planets, UFOs, astronauts, and spacecraft in our solar system. The blue color will transform your room into a relaxing and delightful space, just as a child’s room should be.

Animal World Map Wallpaper

A cute world map for your child! Almost all the children have much curiosity for the outside unknown world. As parents, you can provide them with such a creative and unique wallpaper, to teach them the knowledge of Geography, to tell some interesting stories, etc. Those cute animals on the map also will get children’s affection, so why not let them accompany your child as they grow up?

Nordic Style Geometric Wallpaper

Arranged in an orderly manner on the white background, the little triangles are designed in 2 colors, making the single shape less monotonous and more vivid. Designed in a simple style and gentle colors, this wallpaper can match well with other interior home decorations. Look at the pink wall on the side, it pairs well with this wallpaper color. The whole room looks warm and dynamic against this wallpaper, so do not hesitate, get one for your bedroom or the children’s room.

Nordic Leaf Wallpaper

Is this wallpaper like an attractive watercolor painting? Blue sky, golden leaves and pink background, all of these brilliant and vivid colors in this wallpaper will create a bright and pleasing vibe in your home. If you love this kind of wallpaper, you should pair similar kinds of home decor that feature low color saturation and normal brightness. The picture retains hand-painted brushstrokes as if it were a picture drawn on the wall, which reflects strong artistry and aesthetic beauty.

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