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Japanese Artist Encases Space in Glass Spheres

In his Critique of Practical Reason, the German philosopher Kant named the two things that filled him with wonder and awe: “the moral law within” and “the starry heavens above”.

Satoshi Tomizu, a glass artist born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan in 1980, packs cosmic vastness and dreaminess into small glass beads, providing people with a great visual feast! His works will give different effects when appreciated from various angles and in different light (sunlight, lamplight, etc.).

Even as a child, Tomizu adored the starry sky and universe. Often, on tranquil nights, he lay alone on the lawn with his head on his arms, looking up at stars. The fantasy about space as well as the yearning for and exploration of the unknown have made that starry sky the most splendid scenery in his mind.

He melts heat-resistant glass, artificial opals, marble, and other materials with a fire of over 3,632°F (2,000°C) to put the solar system and even the Milky Way into glass beads. Only after a dozen complicated procedures can we see a pocket universe. The materials, timing, duration and degree of heating… One false step will make a great difference.

“What I value is the messages received by the viewer. I’m obsessed with details, which may not be noticed by any viewers, but I still hope to focus on them during production.”

Tomizu has named this series of space-themed works Space Glass, which can be used as a pendant on a necklace or bracelet. Since their appearance at the Handmade in Japan Festival, they’ve amazed and conquered the world.

Each glass pendant is handmade and thus unique. For the sake of fairness, lots are drawn online to decide who’ll get a glass sphere. Only a dozen spheres are sold every year, at $600-$2,000 each. No two leaves are alike. Neither are Tomizu’s works, as one of his principles is not to make the same things.

Tomizu creates Space Glass pendants in pursuit of childhood memories. We hope you can look up at the stars when rushing ahead. Never forget why you started!

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