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AfterShokz Bone Transmitting: The New Headphones You Need

Aftershokz Bone Transmitting

Imagine listening to music without the pesky earbud in your ears or huge headphones on your ears.

The AfterShokz Bone Transmitting Bluetooth earpiece are the magical headphones that allows you to hear sound without putting it inside your ear. No one else can hear it. The earpiece allows you to hear the outside sound while listening to music which is much safer and convenient.

What is bone transmitting?

Aftershokz Bone Transmitting

In daily life, what we hear is transmitted through air. The sound waves reach and vibrate the eardrums and then deliver the sound to the inner ear. Bone transmitting delivers sound through vibrating temporal bone. It reduces the damage to eardrums.

Bone transmitting is a mature skill with major use in military fields for many decades. When you cover your ears with your hands, you can still hear yourself clearly when whispering. That’s because the sound is transmitted by bones now.

Some people don’t like earbuds because they stuff your ears and can cause pain. They can also accumulate bacteria and cause ear infections. Bone transmitting earpieces are superior as they do not go inside the ear, making it comfortable for long time wear. Using the AfterShokz Bone Transmitting earpiece is a unique experience.

It gives you natural sound, you can hear the music playing while listening to sound around you. When you use the earpiece on the street, it feels like all the shops are playing the same song. But in reality you are the only one that can hear it.

AfterShokz Bone Transmitting: Hear the Difference

Aftershokz Bone Transmitting

The AfterShokz Bone Transmitting Bluetooth earpiece is ideal for outdoor sports. Traditional earbuds can prevent you from hearing car horns, alarms and passengers, which can be dangerous to use outdoors. But with the Bone Transmitting earpiece, you can hear the music and the surrounding sounds at the same time. AfterShokz also includes an inner microphone to make calls while walking, exercising and hands-free driving.

No need to worry about not hearing your colleagues when you listen to music in the office. You will also be talking to people in a normal volume. We have all experienced that awkward moment when we talk too loud with our earbuds in. Of course, if you want to enjoy the music completely without hearing the outside world, this earpiece can also do that. You can find a pair of noise reduction earplugs inside the package, put them on and say goodbye to outside noises.


Aftershokz Bone Transmitting

AfterShokz Bone Transmitting Bluetooth Earpiece has a sleek and fashionable design. AfterShokz have received the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, Special Design in Good Design Award and Yicai Best Invention Award. This is the second generation of earpiece. Compared with the AS600, New AS650 has improved in many ways. The AS650 has titanium wire inside, making it lighter and firmer. AS650 also transmits better creating clearer sounds.

Small and lightweight, you don’t feel them on. You can even wear the earpiece with glasses on. The whole piece is created from titanium alloy, which is flexible and firm. It quickly returns to it’s shape no matter how you bend it.

Durable and flexible these are perfect to take to the gym and exercise with. The outside is created from silica gel, making it soft and comfortable. The left side buttons can play & pause music, change the music and receive calls. On the right side, there is a charging port and volume button.

Aftershokz Bone TransmittingAftershokz Bone Transmitting

Bluetooth set-up is simple, long press the volume-up button to match with your phone. The earpieces are dust and sweat resistant making them perfect for outdoors. A full charge the battery can last more than 6 hours and stand by for more than 20 days. With sound leakage elimination technology, AfterShokz Bone Transmitting earpiece significantly reduces sound leakage. So no one will hear the sound coming from your earpiece.

AfterShokz are available on their official website and Amazon.

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Aftershokz Bone Transmitting

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