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Throw the Best Halloween Bash: A Four-Step Guide

This Halloween, we’ve decided to bring you a big list of great products that you can use to make your home truly spooky this year. We have a huge selection of Halloween items for all your decorative needs. Our Halloween products range from decorative trinkets to items you can use year round, like lamps, clocks, and dishware.  We’ve got a four-step guide to throwing the best Halloween bash with Apollo Box!

Step 1: Decorate your home with spooky skulls and other items

Fill your house with all sorts of startling skulls and other trinkets to spook your guests! We have plenty of spooky decorative items for you to choose from.

best halloween bash

Handmade Finger Soaps

best halloween bash

Gothic Skull Clocks

best halloween bash

Steampunk Skull

Step 2: Shine through the dark and scary night with some Halloween candles and lights

One of the best ways to brighten up All-Hallows-Eve is with Halloween-themed candles. We have a variety of expressive candles that are sure to get noticed. Some of them are even LED powered, so no fire is necessary. For help selecting the perfect lighting, read our Halloween lighting guide.

best halloween bash

Evil Gummy Bear Candle

best halloween bash

I GET BRAIN Candle & Holder

best halloween bash

Translucent Halloween Boo Lantern

Step 3: Bake some tasty Halloween treats to share with all your guests

No Halloween party is complete without tasty food! Create tasty Halloween treats with these skull-shaped food items.

best halloween bash

Sweet Spirits Cookie Cutters

best halloween bash

NomSkull Cupcake Molds

best halloween bash

Skull Tea Infuser

Step 4: Serve up some ghastly drinks with spooky dishware

Ready to kick back and enjoy the party? Grab a horror-themed glass and enjoy your favorite beverage. We have a variety of drink and dishware for your Halloween-themed parties and events, including flasks, shot glasses, cocktail shakers, and wine goblets.

best halloween bash

Bar Bones Cocktail Shaker

best halloween bash

Skeletal Wine Goblet

best halloween bash

Gothic Drinkware

Read our other guides for Halloween decorationsaccessories, and costumes. Check out our entire Halloween collection for even more great products!

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