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Waterpik: The New Way to Better Oral Health


Do you want white teeth and healthy oral hygiene? Well, you need to do more than just brush your teeth.

Brushing your teeth can only clean the surface of the teeth. It’s hard to clean between your teeth and inside your gums. Water toothpick from Waterpik, can take care of your teeth, gaps between your teeth and your gums with professional cleaning.

I was shocked by the cleaning results the first time I used it. I tried it after I brushed my teeth and it still flushed out a lot of food inside my gum and between my teeth.

A lot of people say why buy a water toothpick when you can use a bamboo toothpick or dental floss? Toothpicks or dental floss can cause damage to the gum and might cause bleeding. After using them, the gap between your teeth will get bigger, making it easier for food to hide between your teeth. If you are not cleaning your mouth frequently, it might cause plaque, tartar, tooth decay and bad breath.



The portable water toothpick uses 1200 high voltage pulse water stream per minute to clean the gap between the teeth and inside the gums. It won’t hurt your teeth or gums. This high voltage pulse water stream not only cleans plaque and brightens teeth, it can also massage the gum and reduce pain in gums. According to the lab report of University of Southern California, Waterpik water toothpick can reduce 99.99% of plaque within 3 seconds.


  • 52% more effective than normal dental floss when it comes to gingivitis.
  • Cleans plaque 4x more effective than normal brushing.
  • Reduces bleeding in gum 55% more effective than dental floss.
  • 3 different levels of water pressure:
    • High for deep cleaning, Medium for efficient cleaning and Low for gentle cleaning.
  • Four hours of charging can last for a whole week if you use it once or twice every day.

Waterpik for Homes:


The Waterpik for home includes a large 600 liter container, which needs to be plugged in for use. It has two functions, washing and massaging with 1-10 levels of water pressure available. It can be adjusted to different settings to meet different needs.

The Waterpik for home comes with more nozzles than the portable for different uses. Three standard nozzles, periodontal pocket nozzle, Orthodontic nozzle, plaque nozzle and a brush nozzle. The periodontal pocket nozzle effectively cleans leftovers and plaque around the periodontal pocket. You can use toothpaste with the brush nozzle to brush clean your teeth like normal.

Waterpik is taking over the dental industry and proving healthy oral hygiene can start from home. The portable waterpik and home set up are available on the Waterpik official site and Amazon.


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