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2022 New Year’s Resolutions for You

January 1st is right around the corner! Do you feel that time flies so fast that you don’t have time to make your desired changes? We always say that we would do it next week, next month, but never get started. New Year’s resolutions are the right time to make changes!

Carving out some solid “me” time in the year ahead for your well-being is essential. To help you get started, I have a list of good New Year’s resolutions ideas.

Make Time for Self-Care

Green Jade Facial Roller

This green fusion facial roller massage therapist is a treat for your face and body. It helps decrease swelling, smooth skin texture, and relieve muscle tension. Specially crafted from jade stone, which offers a gentle and pleasant massage to your face.

Cat & Fish Humidifier

Some nights are so cold and harsh that even a soothing night light just won’t do. You need the Cat & Fish Humidifier to take away your dry, itchy skin and bring you back to your happy place. The water-filled humidifier also works as a night light, with either pink, white, purple or blue LED lights. And did we mention how adorable the cats are?

Makeup Storage Caddy with Drawers

The Makeup Storage Caddy with Drawers is the answer to all your organization problems! Whether you’re five items in or fifty, this caddy will do the trick. Available in several layers, it can satisfy your different needs. You’ll be able to find everything you need each morning with ease!

Rose Inspired Shower Puff

You know what’s sucky about your current shower puff? You have to wash it out, dry it, and stick it back in the bathroom. That’s a lot of work for one little puff. The Rose Inspired Shower Puff is soft enough to get all over your body without feeling rough, and it’s just as easy to clean as any other plastic or silicone puff. With this new design, at least you’ll be able to enjoy your shower more!

Focus on Your Health

Yoga Mat

Whether you’re in the market for a yoga mat to strengthen your core, or a mat to protect your bones and joints when you’re on the go, we’ve got you covered. A thick, lightweight and portable mat that never leaves your side, this mat is perfect for beginners or those looking for some extra cushion.

Toning Machine

Compress the two handles on this Toning Machine to instantly feel the burn from anywhere you are! Offered in pale pink and purple, this thigh toner will help you easily build your dream body.

Posture Corrector

You know how it feels when you’re walking down the street and suddenly your back gives out on you? That’s not just terrible for your back, but for your mood as well. Our Posture Corrector is designed to make an immediate impact on pain by limiting muscle contractions that cause discomfort and even help correct posture.

Gyro Wrist Ball

Get your heart pumping and arm rotating with our unique, multi-functional ball. Use it as a wristband to get a full-body workout. Your inner child will love this fun twist on traditional sports equipment!

Try a New Look

In the upcoming year, everything is brand new, including yourself. Why not give yourself a fresh look from head to toe? Treat yourself a little better, take care of yourself, and dress yourself the way you like. When you greet every new day with a smile, you’ll find the world is a better place.

Old Fashioned Hair Curlers

Our hair curlers are a must have for any woman’s beauty routine. With no heat required, our curls will last all day and night. For a sleek and modern look, our curlers come in different colors to suit your personal style.

Sparkling Cherry Knot Drop Earrings

You’re going to love these Sparkling Cherry Knot Drop Earrings. The delicate design of these earrings is perfect for any occasion and makes an excellent gift. These sweet and chic earrings are sure to look great with any outfit!

Big Bow Bag

Bow-dacious! This fashion handbag showcases a soft, oversized bow handle to decorate your everyday look. The bag itself is a slouch style with a zipper top so you’ll have plenty of room for your wallet, phone and other essentials.

Horseshoe Buckle Slim Belt

Spruce up your outfit with the Horseshoe Buckle Slim Belt. This slim belt has a buckle shaped like a horseshoe and is made of hardware and leather. Whether worn with a casual blouse or tucked into your favorite dress, this belt will add just the right amount of flair.

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