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Plan a Perfect Memorial Day BBQ

Get ready to plan an epic Memorial Day Party with the carefully selected items below. This gift guide will get you ready for any backyard BBQ or pool party you have planned for the summer. These items would also make wonderful gifts for the grill master in your life.

BBQ Toolbox

You can’t host a BBQ without a grill. This Toolbox Grill is the perfect accompaniment to any gathering! You can easily set it up in your yard for your next backyard celebration or pack it up for easy traveling. This grill is the perfect gift for any outdoor lover!

BBQ Branding Iron

Add some flair to your BBQ meal with this fun and creative BBQ Branding Iron. The letters are interchangeable, so you can spell out any message for your guests to enjoy. This special attention to detail will make your backyard BBQ stand out!

Myron Grill Tool

This Myron Grill Tool is a must-have for the grill master in your life. This tool has everything you need to grill meat and vegetables successfully. The blade is perfectly sharpened to cut effortlessly through any meat and veggies, the hook at the end is perfect for flipping, and the built-in bottle opener means you are always ready to open your favorite beverage.

Pizza Float

One of the best parts about celebrating Memorial Day is getting the pool ready for the summer. This fun and unique Pizza Float will get your pool party ready! Purchase one or up to eight and bungee them together for a fun pizza pool party.

Metal Drinks Carriers

These Metal Drinks Carriers are convenient for carrying or displaying beverages at your next party or picnic. Your guests will love being able to grab a drink easily. These also make great gifts (Father’s Day is not too far away!)

Double Hammock

Sometimes the best party calls for a siesta. You and your guests will love relaxing in this Double Hammock on a beautiful warm day. Relaxing in a hammock is also a great way to spend an afternoon after hosting an excellent party for Memorial Day. You will want to lounge in it all summer long!

Kabob Grillers (Set of 2)

These Kabob Grillers are a must-have for any backyard grilling. They easily allow you to grill any of your favorite foods evenly. The enclosed, barred-in design will allow you to flip your food effortlessly, ensuring that it does not fall off the skewer. These Kabob Grillers will enhance your BBQing skills immensely! They also make great housewarming or wedding gifts.

Black Ceramic Dinnerware

This Black Ceramic Dinnerware will be an excellent addition to your backyard BBQ. They are designed to look like cast-iron grillware, making your party presentation on point. This set is also microwavable, dishwasher and oven safe, making entertaining easier than ever!

Damascus Chef Knife & Fork Set

This lovely Damascus Chef Knife & Fork Set will add beauty and grace to your grilling set up. The Damascus steel design and unique buffalo horn handles will allow you to quickly prep all of your favorite grilling foods with style. This Knife & Fork Set is a perfect gift for anyone special in your life who loves to cook.

Watermelon Slicer

You can’t have a Memorial Day party (or any backyard BBQ) without watermelon. The Watermelon Slicer makes cutting up this party favorite easy and without any mess. It can be used on any type of melon, including watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and more! The Watermelon Slicer is a must-have for any summer gathering!

Double Sided Meat Loosening Hammer

The Double Sided Meat Loosening Hammer is an essential tool for cooking the tastiest and tenderest meat. This tool is a must-have for preparing your meals, whether grilling beef or chicken. Everyone will rave over your perfectly grilled chicken or steak.

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