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Find Unique Space Jewelry That Best Fits Your Style

The mysteries and wonders of space captivate the human race.  Our infatuation with space has inspired us to build spaceships, send some of our own to the moon and try to find life on Mars.

If you’ve always had a fascination with space, then wear unique space jewelry to express your love for the galaxies and celestial bodies.  Scroll down to browse through our collection of space rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

We’ve divided our most loved space jewelry pieces into different sections that best match distinct space styles. So shop your space lovin’ heart out and walk around looking out of this world.

For the Futuristic Space Gal

If you like to wear metallics, spandex, chunky boots and bold colors, then experiment with geometric shapes, stacked bangles and muted gemstones.  Our Galaxy Mountain Range Earrings are your ideal statement space earrings and will balance out any plain outfit.  Stack two or three of these Custom Charm Bracelet with Multiple Birth Moons to add a feminine touch to your everyday look. This Thaya Encounter Beneath the Stars Ring is a small yet detailed accessory that will add some space intrigue and romance to any ensemble.

space jewelry

Galaxy Mountain Range Earrings

space jewelry

Custom Charm Bracelet with Multiple Birth Moons

space jewelry

Encounter Beneath the Stars Ring

For the Space Diva

If you adore space and take your style cues from Beyonce and Mariah Carey, then you’re a space diva. Shine like the star your are and accessorize with any of these blingy space jewelry picks.  While tiny, our Crescent Moon Star Ring has the most beautiful sparkle effect, and is made out of 9K Gold and Zircon gemstones. Our Starburst Lariat Necklace draws attention to your neckline in a dazzling and elegant way, with its Zircon accents and star pendant. You can layer it with other necklaces or wear it as a statement piece. These dangly Celestial Star Earrings combine hoops, sparkles and fun lengths to create the delicate and glam accessory you’ve been looking for.

space jewelry

Crescent Moon Star Ring

space jewelry

Starburst Lariat Necklace

space jewelry

Celestial Stars Earrings

For the Mysterious Space Star

If you’re drawn to darker hues like blacks, grays, deep purple shades and midnight hues, then you’re a mysterious space star.  You find beauty in the darker things of life, are introspective and no one can quite figure you out. Our Cosmic Blue Bracelet made is made of deep blue gavel beads so it’ll compliment the rest of your wardrobe. It features a Saturn pendant which will pique people’s curiosity and about the interesting girl who loves space jewelry. Our Universe Necklace is a beautiful statement piece. It’s a little more flashy than the rest of your accessories but it’s good to switch things up!  Wear these Galaxy Drop Earrings to a date night or girls night out. The gold adds the right amount of sparkle but the deep colored beads stay true to your signature color scheme.

space jewelry

Cosmic Blue Bracelet

space jewelry

Universe Necklace

space jewelry

Galaxy Drop Earrings

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