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Don’t Worry and Don’t Stress, We’re Here to Help and In It For the Long Run



Dear Apollo Box Customer,

If you are an Apollo Box Customer who hasn’t received their gift in time for Christmas, have emailed and called our Customer Support Hub for days and still haven’t heard anything back or you received the wrong item, a broken item or your just don’t like you’re item, then this blog post is for you.

We completely understand and sympathize with your frustrations. Believe us, we’re humans and would be just as frustrated as you are if we were in the same situation. We are also sincerely sorry.  It truly bums us out that you didn’t receive your gift in time or you did, but your item was broken. That is not ok and we are not ok with it.

Our Customer Support Hub has been backed up basically since the beginning of December and we want you to know that we are here, we are trying to handle every question, concern, refund, exchange and return. We also apologize for our delay and lack of communication but please do not think that we are ghosting you or ignoring you. We’re just trying to answer everyone’s answer first come first serve, and if we’re going to be honest we’re a couple days behind.

Below are some common questions you may have and here are some general answers.

Didn’t Receive Your Package in Time for Christmas?


Again, this is so not ok and we admit that we have failed you, especially if you ordered your gift in late November, early December. If your order should arrive before Christmas given the product processing time and the shipping method you picked but did not make it, we will provide a soluation for you: either a full refund if you decide to cancel the order or a partial refund/store credit for the delay if you decide to keep the order.

Since we work with different vendors around the country and the world, some of the items we sell are shipped quicker than others because of different processing time. The type of refund you’ll receive depends on the date that you placed your order but don’t stress out we will have you covered.

What is Processing Time?

The processing time is the amount of time it takes us to process order information in our system, locate the product(s), and pack the order before we ship it out to you. Some products are processed and shipped to you directly from our vendors around the country and the world. Each product’s processing time is listed on the product page, as shown here (and underlined in red).

Each product has a different processing time depending on where the vendor is based, and the processing times vary on how popular this item is. But don’t worry, we make sure to change them frequently so they will provide you with an accurate time of how soon you’ll receive your package. We try to beat the processing time and ship it a couple of days earlier but in busy times like the holiday season we stick tight to these bad boys.

Want an accurate estimate of how long it’ll take for your item to arrive? Add the processing time (7 business days for our Unicorn Slippers) plus 5 business days for standard shipping or 2-3 business days for priority shipping.

But What About Priority Shipping?

If you paid for priority shipping and didn’t get your gift in time for Christmas due to extra delay in order processing, we would love to refund you for your priority shipping.  For unshipped orders placed before Dec 20, we can also refund you the priority shipping fee if you decide to downgrade to standard shipping.

Are You Guys Even Trying to Help Us?

Yes, yes, 1000 x yes. We are so sorry for the delay but please don’t mistake our late responses for us not caring. We completely care and are trying our hardest to answer every one of your concerns, questions and needs.

Is This A Real Company?

Yes, we are a real company located in Santa Clara, CA and no we are not scamming you. Our 1 hour commutes to our office and our early nights and late nights spent packing and shipping are very real to us, so just know that we are real and we are here to help.

What is Up With the Delays?

Unfortunately certain vendors have had delays with manufacturing their items due to the overwhelming holiday demand so almost all of our order’s shipping dates have been pushed back. If you ordered a Moon Light, Pressed Four Leaf Necklace or Crescent Moon Fairy Light Lantern, then you probably are experiencing this delay.

We are so sorry for all of the delays and 100% take responsibility for it not arriving on time. Even though it is out of our hands we want you to know that we are sorry and are trying our hardest to give you your items on time.

Where Are You Guys in Customer Emails?

If you sent us an email last week and are barely hearing a response now, please know it’s not because we are ignoring you. We’re just trying to catch up. Our Customer Support Hub is being hit right and left every day with hundreds and hundreds of customer inquiries and we want to take the time to give you all the answers and attention that you deserve.

That amount of time means it’ll take us a couple of days to answer inquiries that are being made today, but please know that we are trying our hardest. We’re having all hands on deck right now and our CEO, managers and every other person is trying to answer your questions. Our goal is to answer every question before the New Year.

We want to give a big thank you to you all for your patience, flexibility and understanding. We know it’s a huge disappointment to not get a gift in time, be sent the wrong gift or a damaged gift and we sincerely apologize for that.

But please know we are here, we care and we are trying are hardest to help everyone out.  So please don’t worry, don’t stress and don’t think that we’re trying to pull a fast one on you. We’re here and we’re going to make sure everyone gets questions and concerns answered.

Yours Truly,

Apollo Box Team


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Daniel Lipson January 15, 2018 at 5:33 pm

Love the transparency and heartfelt sentiment; this post brought a big smile to my heart. I’m a big fan of your writing & the direction of the blog overall. I hope your holiday season was a huge success – keep up the good work!


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