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Is iGulu Home Brewery worth buying?

In our previous post, we introduced iGulu, a smart, automated, compact craft beer home brewery that can help users create a wide range of professional craft beer with virtually no effort or knowledge of beer brewing.  Read the full post here.

Now you are probably pretty fascinated by iGulu and eager to own one yourself. Before pressing the “pre-order” button, you may be wondering:

Is iGulu a good buy among similar products in the market?

Will iGulu help me save money on beer?

Will iGulu produce enough beer for me to drink and share?

All your questions are answered here.

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Is iGulu home brewery a good buy among similar products in the market?

Compared to its competitor Brewie and PicoBrew, iGulu has several advantages:

  1. Most compact, lightweight, energy-saving among similar product
  2. Price is much cheaper than other products
  3. One-body design: all in one “Brewing tank”, “Fermentation tank”, and built-in cooling module compared to multi-part competitors.
  4. Unique self-cleaning system
  5. More powerful mobile App including additional features (notification, temperature control, review, share, party invitation, etc.)
  6. Although its capacity is smaller than two other products, it offers versatility to brew different types of craft beer with multiple minikegs.

See the table below for details:

home brewery

Will iGulu home brewery help me save money on beer?

Yes! A 12 oz bottle of craft beer normally costs $2-$3 if you purchased from a grocery or liquor store. The price doubles if you order in a bar or restaurant. The average cost of ingredients (malt, hop, yeast) to make the same amount of craft beer with iGulu is about $0.8 if you buy pre-created packs, which is ~75% saving from the grocery store price. If you buy the ingredients in bulk from local stores, the cost could go much lower.

Considering the cost of the machine, iGulu will pay for itself after 20 times of use with the pre-order price of $489. If you use it often, it is only about half a year. Even with its full market price $989, you will break even in about a year if you use it regularly.

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Will iGulu home brewery produce enough beer for me to drink and share?

Yes! iGulu produces 1.3 gallons of beer (equivalent to 14 bottles, 12 oz each) in one cycle lasting from one to three weeks. You can also take the MiniKegs out of the machine after brewing and leave it in the Kegerator for fermentation. With multiple MiniKegs, you can significantly expedite the process, making a lot more beer with various receipts.

home brewery

Just think about all the fun with iGulu: making a blueberry beer, naming the new receipt with your baby’s name, bringing several MiniKegs of newly created beer to a friend’s or family party to share…

With iGulu, you are empowered to discover your inner beer brewing artist!

To pre-order or learn more, click the button below:


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