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Distracting Toys Can Help You Concentrate

When it comes to tough tasks and long work days, sometimes you need a small distraction to fidget with to help you stay more focused. Recent studies have shown that a small amount of fidgeting can actually help improve concentration. These small distracting toys are a great way to take a short break from a work or school cram session. All of them are great desktop accessories to fidget with as you power through your workday.

Spinney Wind Up

Spinney is like a baby, with a big key, bigger booties, and very short legs. By reducing the size of the legs and giving it more weight on top, Spinney behaves like a kid.

distracting toys

Mini Pocket Drone

This adorable mini quad-copter fits in the palm of your hand. This fully functional drone is the ultimate distracting toy for your work or home office.

distracting toys

Table Basketball Set

Score yourself some break time at work for a game of table basketball. Folds flat for easy transportation.

distracting toys

Finger Drum Set

This drum set is controlled by the touch of your fingers, and has five different drums. It includes an internal recording feature to save and replay your music.

distracting toys

Magnetic Sculpture Balls

The magnetic sculpture balls are fun metal balls that can be used to create your own magnetic sculptures. The kit is small and portable, and allows for endless combinations and designs. The only limit is your imagination. Great brain exercise and stress reliever!

distracting toys

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