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Fun Meals with Panda-themed Items

At Apollo Box, we feel that meals should be fun. With these panda-themed food items, you’ll be able to serve fun meals for your kids and loved ones. All of them are charming and cute additions to your kitchen dishware that are sure to turn heads. We also chose to include one more great item to round out the collection: an organic mushroom farm that will supply you with tasty mushrooms for months.

Mushroom Farm

With this Mushroom Farm, you’ll be able to grow mushrooms out of the box in only ten days. The mushrooms last for months, making the mushroom farm a great gift item for all kinds of foodies.

fun meals

Baby Panda Onigiri

Not satisfied with boring rice balls? With the easy to use Baby Panda Onigiri, your rice balls with be anything but boring. Make tasty rice balls in three easy steps. Great for adding to bento boxes or to snack on at home.

fun meals

Cute Panda Shape Bread Cutter

This easy to use Panda-Shaped Bread Cutter is perfect for making delicious and fun meals for your kids. Just add your favorite toppings between two slices of bread and use the cutter to carve out a cute panda treat!

fun meals

Panda Bowl

Lean into your love of panda bears with this simple and handy Panda Bowl. It comes accompanied with two bamboo-style wooden spoons and cute panda ears as handles. The Panda Bowl adds tons of character to meal times.

fun meals



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