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Hot Tech Deals: Five Gadgets Under $50

With all sorts of great tech deals on the Apollo Box store, it’s sometimes difficult to decide which to buy. All of us here have the same problem – with so many great products, which ones are really must-haves? While the best seller list is a good indicator, we decided it would be better to go a little bit deeper. We highlighted some products that are not only great to have, but won’t break the bank. For this list, we picked the coolest tech gadgets you can buy for under $50.

Magic Color Ball Speaker – $28.99

One of our best sellers, the Magic Color Ball Speaker is beautiful option for anyone looking for a quality portable speaker. It provides powerful audio, has low energy consumption, and looks incredible. With the 8 color light show, you can even see it in the dark!

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R.E.V. 2 Car Pack – $45.99

These Bluetooth-controlled R.E.V cars are an amazingly cheap option for remote control cars that have the added bonus of coming with an app that enables them to battle. Despite being so affordable, these cars are incredibly smart, and can track each other from up to 5 meters. The app allows you to battle a friend or a sophisticated AI that adjusts its tactics based on the behavior of the other car. These battling cars have to be experienced to be believed.

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Mini Pocket Drone – $39.99

Always wanted your own drone but not willing to pay a huge adoption cost? This Mini Drone is for you. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and rests snugly in its controller for portable transportation. It may be small, but it doesn’t sacrifice performance with a strong transmitter and 360 degree rotation.

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LED Luminous Umbrella – $34.99

With this LED Umbrella, you’ll feel a lot safer walking in the rain late at night. With seven different colors and a pulsing option, you won’t have to worry about being caught in the rain, or getting lost in a crowd of people. The umbrella also has a flashlight on the bottom. The colors look great even during the day.

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ELFY Smart Lamp – $39.99

The ELFY Smart Lamp is much more than your average lamp. ELFY can be swapped between seven colors or controlled with a color wheel by smartphone app. Its soft and bouncy skin is made from bio-friendly silicone. ELFY is the perfect playmate for your desk. It even comes in a keepsake container that functions as a piggy bank. It can be yours completely free when you play ELFY GO.

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