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Retro Controller AP40 Marks Apple Anniversary

AP40 is a Bluetooth controller inspired by Apple’s retro logo. It’s compatible with all modern devices, and comes with a Retro Receiver line which allows the retro controller to be used on systems such as the NES, SNES, and Apple IIc. It is easy to pair with all devices that are Bluetooth enabled. The controller comes with a stand modeled after the original Apple II computer to elegantly hold your controller, an iPhone, or a tablet at the perfect angle for gaming.

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As part of the anniversary of the Apple I, they designed the Retro Receiver to be able to play Apple IIc games using your wireless 8Bitdo AP40 controller. The Retro Receiver is also compatible with many modern controllers.

When combined, the retro controller and receiver are the perfect tools for arcade gaming, whether it be retro games on the Apple IIc or mobile games on your phone or tablet. For fans of Apple IIc and a bygone era of early gaming, this blast from the past controller is a perfect way to refresh your collection.

Retro Controller Key Features

  • Compatible with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac via Bluetooth
  • USB port with Silicon leaf plug
  • Wireless controller
  • Retro Apple-themed design
  • Apple II computer phone/controller stand
  • Retro Receiver for Apple IIc games
  • Receiver compatible with current gen controllers

 Price and Availability

The Retro Receiver and AP40 are sold separately and are both available on Kickstarter for around $50. They can also be bought together for about $85. A limited edition with the Apple II stand is available for around $70. All products are scheduled to ship in January 2017.

Earlier versions of the 8bitdo controller and retro receivers are available on their site.

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