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Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Book lovers unite! There are few things better than getting a new book, falling headfirst into the story, and then adding the book to your collection. The following gift guide will help you care for, display and enjoy your favorite books. 

Bear Book Stand

Organize and display your favorite books with the Bear Book Stand. This adorable stand is available in three colors; beige, white, and pink. The stand will be a perfect addition to your bedroom, office, or home library. 

Witch Hand Book Stand

The Witch Hand Book Stand is a fun and unique way to display your books. You can either prop a book open for easy reading, or you can use it to ti display multiple books. While this can be used as Halloween decor, it can also bring interesting design to your home all year long.

Book Reading LED Panel

Read anywhere you like, at any hour of day or night with the Book Reading LED Panel light. This reading light is a great asset to reading time, especially if you share space with others. You can use the book light for enjoying that wonderful book you can’t put down or for studying for that big test.

Constellation Bookmark

The Constellation Bookmark will ensure you keep your place in your book, without damaging the pages. The bookmark is available in multiple styles, each depicting a different constellation. This beautiful bookmark makes a wonderful gift for all of the avid readers in your life.

LED Clip on Reading Lamp

Show your love for the Harry Potter series while enjoying your reading time with the LED Clip On Reading Lamp. This lamp can be clipped to your book so you can read anywhere you like without disturbing those around you.

Customized Iron Bookshelf

Add artistic style to and storage to any room in your home with the Customized Iron Bookshelf. The bookshelf is available in three sizes and is a fun and unique way to display your favorite books. This shelf is especially perfect for a kid’s bedroom, playroom, or library. You will love organizing your books and personal belongings on this bookshelf.

Multifunctional Reading Stand

The Multifunctional Reading Stand is great for reading, studying, and cooking. Prop your preferred book up so you can read in comfort for hours on end. This reading stand makes an excellent gift for the dedicated student or avid baker. It is sure to be a great asset for any reading needs.

Ceramic Magic Book Vase

The Ceramic Magic Book Vase is a charming addition to your preferred reading location. Add this unique vase to your bedroom, office, or study to display your favorite flowers. This vase makes a thoughftful gift for anyone special in your life who enjoys a good book and lovely bouquet of flowers.

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