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Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Summertime is fast approaching and you know what that means: Wedding season.  If you’re a maid of honor or bridesmaid weddings equal buying a new dress, pitching in for the bachelorette party and finding trendy bridal shower games and gifts.

One section of the party that guests either love or hate is the games. It’s hard enough as the maid of honor to host and try to get different groups to socialize.  So make it easy on yourself and bring in some fun and trendy bridal shower games and gifts that everyone will love.

Use one or all of the games listed below to break the ice among guests and include some unique and one-of-a-kind products prizes to make this a bridal shower they’ll never forget.

Purse Raid

Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Goal: For each guest to find as many items as possible in their purse that match a pre-planned list.

What You Need: A list that has common items found in purses such as pens, to uncommon items like $100 bills.  Organize the items in sections and set a certain amount of points for each section, such as 1 point, 5 point, 10 points, 25 points, and 50 points.  

How to Play: Set a timer for 10 minutes and watch the guests scramble through their purses and try to add up the points.  Once the time is up, yell hands off the bags and start to call out numbers to see how many points people have.  Tell the guests to keep their hands raised if they have a certain amount of points.


Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Butterfly Luxury Soap Gift Box

Surprise the winner with this luxurious butterfly soap gift box.  This soap set is made of a rainbow of square bars that have their own beautiful fragrances. Shea butter is infused in the soap and deeply moisturizes the toughest skin.

Who Has the Groom

Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Goal: For the guests to check under their seat and see if they found the golden ticket a.ka. the groom!

What You Need: This game works perfectly for outside showers or any bridal shower that has arranged seating.  Print out photos of Hollywood’s favorite leading men and tape them underneath each seat.  Make sure you have enough celebrities for each guest and include a photo of the groom!

How to Play: Have the guests check underneath their seat and see who’s their leading man. Whoever has the groom wins!


Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Pineapple Tumbler

Present the lucky winner with this fun pineapple tumbler.  The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome. This festive two-piece pineapple tumbler is the perfect cup to whip out during the summer for delicious smoothies and mixed drinks!

Who Am I?

Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Goal: For a guest to figure out which famous/notable person in time they are, based off a series of questions.

What You Need: Before the shower, buy some name tags and write down the name of famous people (Jackie O, Beyonce, Meryl Streep, Oprah, etc.).  

How to Play: As soon as guests arrive, place a nametag on their back and tell them no peeking or cheating, and to not pry about who they are.  Later during the party explain the game and give guests 15 minutes to try and discover who’s name they have. Whoever guesses correctly first wins.


Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Preserved Rose in Glass Dome

This game takes a little brain power and deserves a special gift such as this preserved rose.  This enchanting rose is a unique decoration that will look great in any room!

Who’s Next?

Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Goal: For a guest to find the ring!

What You Need: Bake cupcakes or serve mini glasses of champagne.  Hide a plastic ring in one cupcake before baking or drop the ring in a glass of champagne before handing them to the guests.

How to Play: Hand out the cupcakes or cups of champagne and tell the guests that one of them will be the next person to show off some bling, and to consume the cupcake or champagne carefully.


Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Organic Lavender Water

Whoever finds the ring will win this organic lavender mist.  They can mist themselves with this refreshing lavender spray, that revitalizes and softens skin.  Use it to prep skin for makeup or spray your hand and breathe it in for a quick aromatherapy treatment.

Besides seeing what trendy bridal shower games and gifts you can use to impress guests, check out unique wedding decor that will wow your guests on the day!

Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Unique Wedding Decor You’ll Love

Guests can find creative wedding gifts in our wedding section that the newlyweds can use and enjoy!

Trendy Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

Wedding Collection

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