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End of the Year Party Planning Guide

It’s almost the end of the year, and that means it’s time to plan for your big holiday and New Year’s parties. With family and friends all around, everyone will be looking to eat and get merry in anticipation of the end of the year. With all that time you’ve already spent on holiday shopping, shopping for that one last big party of the year can feel like a challenge. We’re here to make things a little bit easier and let you treat yourself to some great party gear to start next year the right way, with a great end of the year holiday party!

Decorate your home with festive ornaments

Add a touch of charm to your holiday party with these glittering ornaments and decorations. Each ornament is uniquely designed and hand-painted.


Large Geode Ornament


Glittered Sisal Tree


Birdcage Ornament


Brew up some Holiday Rum Punch

Get your party started right by brewing up a delicious holiday rum punch with this all-in-one Holiday Rum Punch Kit! Simply pick your favorite rum, mix it with the grenadine in the mason shaker, pour and enjoy!


Holiday Rum Punch Kit

Blast some music with the Divoom Aurabox

The Divoom Aurabox is an extremely useful device that acts as a personal assistant and Bluetooth speaker in one compact box. It works as an alarm clock, microphone, and displays time and temperature.

Divoom Aurabox

Set out some summery cactus coasters

Even though it’s cold and dreary outside, you can bring in the warmth with the fun Cactus Coaster Construction Set! Invite your guests to grab a coaster from the decorative coaster display stand.

Cactus Coasters Construction Set

Serve up your drinks with great party glasses and tumblers

These unique and attractive party cups are perfect for serving eye-catching drinks and cocktails to your guests. Mix and match from a variety of different styles.


The Party Cup


Pineapple Tumbler




Enjoy Fancy Candy Dessert with Swarovski Crystal Lollipops

For everyone with a sweet tooth, we’ve got a great selection of candy to get your sugar rush started. Our top candy is probably our beautiful Swarovski Crystal Lollipops. They’re so beautiful, you may not want to eat them! Part of our Delicious and Nutritious Treats guide.

delicious and nutritious


Check out our collection for more last-minute gifts and decorations to enjoy this holiday season!

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