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2018 Father’s Personality Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, to appreciate the man who’s plays a special part of your life.  Dad’s come in all shapes and sizes with different personalities and hobbies. So find the perfect gift for your dad with our 2018 Holiday Dad personality gift guide!  

Regardless of what hobby or personality type your dad has, every father loves a good gift. Whether you have an outdoorsy dad, who prefers camping over computers, or a bartender dad who’s always trying out new drink recipes, we’ve got it all.  So put down that gift card or tie, and use our 2018 Holiday Dad personality gift guide to find your dad a gift he’ll love.

The Outdoors Dad

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

He’s always down for adventures and pushing others to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.  He looks for and appreciates the quiet moments in life, especially when it’s just him and mother nature.  He sees the value of learning how to do things the old fashioned way and rely on good ol’ human instincts.

If you find your family is always planning outdoor barbecues, going to the lake, cabin or campsite, you have an outdoors dad who comes alive when he’s outside.  Give your dad a unique gift that will help him on all types of outdoor expeditions!

Personal Water Filter

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

This personal water filter will save the day on those long hikes when your dad finished his last water bottle! The LifeStraw is lightweight and compact and won’t take up precious backpack space.  It can transform any contaminated water to bottled water status. Keep dad prepared and stress free!

Z Grills Pro 7002

Father’s Day Personality Gift Guide

Does your dad love the outdoors so much that he even likes to cook outside? Then give your dad a gift that will help him prepare the best meals!  This Z Grills Pro 7002 is the newest state-of-the-art grill. It can grill, bake, braise, smoke, barbecue and sear. If you’re trying to get dad something extra special this year, this grill is your best bet.

Kimura Damascus Steel Knife

Father’s Day Personality Gift Guide

Every guy knows rule #1 of going camping: Stay safe. A handy steel knife is one of the first things to pack. This year, upgrade dad’s camping gear and present him with this one-of-a-kind Kimura Damascus Steel Knife.  This handcrafted knife is made of 256 layers and has an extremely sharp blade. He can use it on his next trip or place it on display in his office.

The Sports Dad

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

This dad can sometimes be described by others as boisterous, rough and rowdy, but deep down he has the fiercest and most loyal heart.  He has a bit of a competitive streak and doesn’t always let you win.  He likes to push himself and others to the limit, and you know that if you ask him for help you’ll walk away stronger and tougher if you choose to put in the extra work.

If you’ve been placed in tons of sports teams since you were young, know to never change the channel during football, basketball, baseball or hockey season and don’t dare to wear the gear of any “rival” teams, you have sports dad.  Give your dad a gift that will show him you appreciate his love for sports, even if you don’t love them yourself.

Table Basketball Set

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

Did your dad spend some time on the court but never made it to pros? Well, give him the chance to relive his glory moments with this mini table basketball set. This mini set is perfect for a quick break at the office and a nice stress reliever!

Unforgettable Baseball

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

Does your dad love stepping foot onto the pitcher’s mound and always using baseball metaphors when they really don’t make sense? Then give him a gift he’ll cherish forever with Unforgettaballs. Unforgettaballs are meaningful decorated baseballs designed to commemorate a special occasion like being the best dad around. Hit a home run with this gift and show your dad how much you appreciate him!

NFL Snack Helmet

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

During football season, both you and your dad share a mutual love and bond over at least one thing: snacks.  Whether your dad is a Pringles or Doritos kind of guy, he’ll love eating his snacks out of this two-compartment tray that doubles as a snack holder and house mascot.

Geek Dad

Father’s Day Personality Gift Guide

Your dad made sure that you watched the classics while growing up: Star Wars, Star Trek, The Hobbit, and everything D.C. and Marvel.  He’s fascinated with the technical side of things and is the go to person in the house when anything tech-related isn’t working.  

If your dad loves technology and buys all the latest gadgets, than he’s a geek dad and proud of it. Gift your dad with one of these quirky, fun and useful presents!

Mini Pocket Drone

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

Give your dad one of the trendiest tech gifts out there, a drone! This mini drone fits in the palm of your hand is the perfect test run for dad if he’s seriously considering investing in a larger drone.  

Wood Grain Mouse Pad

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

If your dad is always on his laptop or computer, give him a gift that will add a little more personality and style to his life! Our handsome genuine wood mouse pads add sophistication to any home or work office space.

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Father’s Day Personality Gift Guide

If music and tech is an integral part of dad’s life, he’ll love the incredible power of this stereo-surround device. It’s an unanimous hit with home djs, and its floating speaker orb will amaze all of his friends.

The DIY Dad

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

Your dad likes to work with his hands and knows he had a productive day if he got his hands dirty.  If he sees a problem or something that needs to be fixed, he’ll drop everything and spend as much time as possible until that problem fixed.  He never wants to hire a plumber or go to the mechanic. He always wants to take the first shot at fixing an issue, which leaves you waiting to have hot water for a month.

If you think your dad should replace Tim Allen in ‘Home Improvement”, then you have a DIY dad.  Give him a unique gift that requires a little work before it can be used, and let him build to his heart’s delight!

Steam Locomotive with Tender Model

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

The UGears 460 Locomotive with Tender (also known as a coal-car) is a richly detailed and realistic symbol of 19th-century technology and industry. Classified by the arrangement of four leading wheels and six driving wheels, this intricate model requires time and precision, but the end product is worth the work!

DIY Pixar Lamp

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

Buy your dad DIY model of the famous Luxo Pixar Lamp, and let him feel like Thomas Edison and woodshop teacher at the same time!

R2-D2 & R5-D4 Model Kit

Father’s Day Personality Gift Guide

Is your dad a huge fan of old school model making? Well there’s no glue needed here! These R2-D2 and R5-D4 robot models are a step up from old model kits because they’re snap assembled. This kit comes with loads of pop out accessories, so dad can place them in fun poses and gestures. It’s the perfect gift if your dad likes model building, Star Wars and has a good sense of humor!

The Bartender Dad

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

Your dad is a good listener, easy to talk to and a chef at heart. He spent some years in college as a bartender and walked away with some crazy stories and even crazier drink recipes.  He always likes to experiment but also knows when to respect the classics.

If your dad makes a mean margarita and martini, or he just likes to drink them, then he’ll love one of these handy drink making gifts!

Bar Bones Cocktail Shaker

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

Have dad mix up his favorite drinks in these skeleton themed shakers that has different drink recipes engraved on it!

Whiskey Stones Icon

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

What we drink defines who we are.  Give dad a gift that will remind friends, family, and guests what special place he has in your life, with this set of polished beverage cubes.

Beer Brewing Kit

Father's Day Personality Gift Guide

If your dad is more of a beer guy, then surprise him with this DIY beer kit! The kit comes with 9 different recipes, so dad can experiment and try to create the perfect batch of beer!

This 2018 Holiday Dad Personality Gift Guide has a gift for every type of dad.  For more unique gift ideas, check out some of our gift boxes or our Collection for Dads!

Father’s day gift

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Father’s day gift

Gift Box for Dad: Old Fashioned

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