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2021 Gifts For International Day of Forests

March 21 is the International Day of Forests, a day celebrating and raising awareness of the importance of forests around the world. This day will celebrate the role of the tree in shelter, ecosystems, jobs, habitats for animals, and protection of the environment.

If you know someone whose biggest passion is greenery, then I have some good news for you! Our Gift Guide offers a fantastic variety of products for everyone on your list, from Mini Garden Gel Pens to Off the Shoulder Dresses. Browse this list of greenery and gardening and pick a special gift for someone you care about!  

Mini Garden Gel Pen

Topped with a clear little plastic planter and real seeds you can watch grow, this Mini Garden Gel Pen showcases a perfect combination of literature and nature. When not in use, this cute gel pen can also make a great desk ornament. Randomly sent, the package list includes 2 gel pens. Gift this to your green thumb friend who loves writing!

Classic Garden Set

It’s time to do something green for Mother Nature! There is nothing more meaningful than planting a real tree on International Day of Forests. Easy to hold, these garden tools will definitely be a great help to you when taking care of your garden. Including 1 cultivator, 1 spade and 1 square hoe, this classic gardening set will cover all the needs for planting, cultivating, digging and weeding.

Mason Jar Terrarium

Have you ever thought of holding an entire ecosystem in one mason jar? Here it is! On the bottom is a layer of earth and stone, topped with fresh moss and petrified wood to create a mini mountain landscape. Choose a black bear or a panda and decorate your house with this Mason Jar Terrarium to create a green ambiance or just gift it to your friend who’s totally into miniature view.

Green Leaf Choker

Choker necklaces have been around since 18th century France. If you happen to have a wedding to attend, this charming green leaf choker will make you the perfect bridesmaid. With the coming of Spring, this choker is a chic addition to your collection of accessories. Buy yourself or your friend this green leaf choker on International Day of Forests.

Glimmer Forest Diorama Kit

Featuring a picturesque forest scene, this Glimmer Forest Diorama Kit will absolutely become your kid’s favorite. Beautifully designed, it is a perfect gift for International Day of Forests. A DIY product, you can take your time to build this with someone who loves crafting. Simply buy, build, and enjoy!

Jupiter Aromatherapy Candles

Can’t go outside and take a breath in nature due to the pandemic? Buy some Jupiter Aromatherapy Candles to enjoy the scents of yummy strawberry, green apple, sea breeze, orange, or lavender. The delicious tropical scents will remind you of the trees full of ripe fruits. With colors as bright as their fresh aromas, these wrapped candles will surely come as thoughtful gifts.

Moon Forest Bracelet

Want to change a look for International Day of Forests? This forest themed bracelet is a perfect choice for you. Showcasing a white jade gemstone centerpiece bounded by connected branches, our Moon Forest Bracelet brings a touch of elegance to casual or formal events. Gift this stunning bracelet to yourself or someone special on this special occasion!

Shelf Person Ceramic Flower Pot

Though not able to possess the greenery of a whole forest, you can still hold the greenery in one planter. Perfectly designed to be seated on your bookshelf, these little planters are sure to please your eyes after a long day’s work. Offered in two style options and two color choices, this Shelf Person Ceramic Flower Pot will add a modern look to your bedroom, living room, or office.

Dark Green Off Shoulder Dress

Since it’s International Day of Forests, everyone ought to breathe in some fresh air. Wear this Dark Green Off Shoulder Dress and take a walk in nature. Featuring plenty of ruffles and a double overlay hem, this off shoulder dress will create the most stunning Mori Girl look for you! Buy our Dark Green Off Shoulder Dress for her!

Printed Vinyl Umbrella

Trust me, this forest themed umbrella will definitely make you the most eye-catching one in a crowd. Offered in three styles, these durable vinyl umbrellas will keep you dry on those drizzly days and protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Gift this Printed Vinyl Umbrella to someone special before The International Day of Forests comes!

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