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Eco-Friendly Gifts That Are Perfect for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with products that honor our planet. These eco-friendly gifts bring a whole new meaning to the word, “sustainable.” Whether gifting for a friend or family member, here are 12 products that’ll make the environmental shopper inside you smile:

Boho Celestial Necklaces

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Think about how many necklaces you own. Are any of them handmade from recycled clear glass? Nope. These Boho Celestial Necklaces are one-of-a-kind. Which is exactly what eco-friendly gifts should be! You can buy them in a sun-shaped pendant style, starburst, or crescent moon. You’ll feel good gifting hese accessories (and maybe wearing them yourself).

Woodland Fern Necklace (Set of 2)

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Does your best friend understand you more than anyone else? Gift her our Woodland Fern Necklace, available in a set of two. One for her, and one for you. These bohemian-style necklaces are tear dropped shaped and made with eco-friendly tin. You’ll love the simplicity and elegance of this handcrafted design.

Bamboo Kids Picnic Set

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Why waste money on disposable containers that end of up peeling and smelling after a few weeks? Made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers, these sets will last a while. Bamboo fabric is antibacterial and sweat absorbent – two things you desperately want for your children. Which is exactly why these containers make the perfect eco-friendly gifts for your little ones.

KONJAC Facial Sponge

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Your skin products matter. But you knew that already, didn’t you? This KONJAC Facial Sponge is a must-have beauty product. It contains active ingredients that’ll clean and exfoliate your face. Plus, this sponge is a cleaner itself, so it reduces the use of plastic bottles. A sponge that’s eco-friendly and effective? Happy Earth Day 🙂

Kids Wooden Spoons

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Plastic? No way! Our Kid Wooden Spoons are made from natural wood bamboo so you don’t have to worry about your little one’s coming in contact with any plastic toxins. These beautiful spoons are available in 24 different designs which means they’re the perfect eco-friendly gifts to mix, match and collect.

Chakra Necklace

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Our Chakra Necklace will make a statement – and that’s exactly why you’re going to love wearing this necklace. Created with stained glass and an eco friendly tin, it reflects all seven chakras. Do you need to balance your energy or enhance your vibe? Look no further than this trendy accessory.

Lifestraw Water Filter

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You’ll never have to worry about running out of water again. Not with this Lifestraw Water Filter. Using advanced hollow fiber technology, this gadget transforms contaminated water into safe, drinkable water. Compact and lightweight, this filter is the perfect hiking companion and will cut down the production and waste of plastic water bottles!

Blue Stained Glass Terrarium

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The geometric design of this Blue Stained Glass Terrarium makes it the ideal home decor gift. It’s artisan crafted from eco friendly tin, painted copper and stained glass. No matter where it’s placed, this piece will make a colorful impact. You can even turn this terrarium into a creative jewelry box to store all your accessories.


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These eco-friendly gifts are perfect for aspiring gardners. Our Ecocubes come in biodegradable boxes that are packed with organic seeds and soil. So grow your own garden without any of the hassle! Now, if that’s not a solid Earth Day gift, I don’t know what is.

Icelandic Moss Candle

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Fill your home with the natural scent of this Icelandic Moss Candle. Crafted from pure soy wax, our handmade moss candle is 100% biodegradable. Breathe in the serenity of this candle and add a warm glow to your bedroom or living room with this Icelandic goodie.

Dolphin Stationery

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Need to write something down? Don’t grab any piece of paper. Use this Dolphin Stationery. Not only is this dolphin decorated note box and pad adorable, but it was once a pile of elephant poop. Yes, that’s right. This stationery was created from elephant poo and other natural materials. Does it get any more eco-friendly than that?

Recycled Glass Tree Globes

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These Glass Tree Globes began as glass shards from cars and home offices. The shards were then put together to create these colorful masterpieces. Talk about reusable finds. These eco-friendly gifts will look elegant hanging in the backyard.Give this eco-friendly gift as a unique hostess gift to the friend or family member who hosts the first summer barbecue or pool party.

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