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10 Thoughtful End-of-Year Teacher Gifts for 2022

Another school year is almost in the books! As the school year comes to a close, teachers don’t just deserve an A+ for all their hard work, but a thank you gift. If you’re trying to find gifts for the special educators in your life, keep scrolling and you will find what you want!

42 Ceramic Mug

The first time we saw the number 42, we were hit with a wave of nostalgia for our favorite childhood television show. The formula and diagrams that make up this mug are an homage to the science fiction show about a time-traveling alien who helps kids learn math. Get this mug for your teacher and you’ll be sure to get all A’s on your next math test.

Thinking of You in a Matchbox

A little gift with a heartfelt message… Show your favorite teacher you care with this miniature bouquet of paper roses, beautifully presented in a matchbox. On opening the matchbox the recipient will be presented with an exquisite bunch of handmade purple roses in a tiny glass vase, and the message ‘a bunch of love’.

Preserved Flower Box

Preserved Flower Box is a teacher appreciation gift that’s as lovely and romantic as it is practical. The box contains a mix of preserved flowers in vases, ready to be arranged and given as a token of appreciation. With a variety of colors and textures, you’ll find the perfect arrangement for any teacher on your list.

Vintage Feather Pen Gift Box

This vintage-inspired feather pen gift box is the perfect way to say thank you to your favorite teacher. The sleek, blue feather design will provide a touch of elegance to any desk.

Preserved Sunflower Gift Box

This Preserved Sunflower Gift Box is a perfect way to show your appreciation for that special someone. The beautifully designed and well-preserved sunflowers will last as long as their love lives on, and the gift box is the perfect size and shape to fit nicely into any room.

Planet Gift Box

The Planet Gift Box is the perfect place to store all of your holiday or birthday surprises. Whether you want to stuff it with a gift, fill it with candy, or use it as a craft kit, this durable gift box is up for any challenge!

Green Mini Gift Bucket

You’ve been wanting to give something extra special to someone since the day you met them, so why not send them a Green Mini Gift Bucket from our selection of scented options? Their favorite scent will be waiting for them when they unwrap their gift! 

Elegant Gift Box

When you’re in charge of getting someone special a gift, what do you get them? A thoughtful, elegant present that they’ll open with delight! This Elegant Gift Box is the perfect way to go. You’ll send them our super-soft Hand Towel, their favorite Shea Butter Soap, and our candle of choice. They’ll love it so much they won’t want to use any of it!

Vintage Bus Desktop Storage

We love the idea of having a fun way to get organized, especially when it’s this extra cute. The Vintage Bus Desktop Storage is perfect for organizing your desktop while adding some personality to your space. With plenty of room to fit everything from pens and paperclips to scissors and staplers, you can be sure that everything will have its place in style.

Birds on Branches Photo Frame

This sculpted resin design features a whimsical grouping of birds on branches. The frame comes in three colors: green, white, or pink. It’s the perfect gift for the teacher on your list who loves to decorate her classroom with creative pieces of art.

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