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Save Water with the Aershan Signature Bottle

Problem: How can people save water?

In many parts of the world, people are trying to save water. For instance, China has a 1.3 billion population, but its per-capita water resource is only ¼ of the world’s average. All over the world, water bottles are frequently discarded before they are finished. Even in parts of the world where water bottles are the only source of clean drinking water, some of this water is being wasted. 

Whenever a group of people put down their water bottles, they quickly forget who they belonged to. People often use different methods to tell the bottles apart, but generally they are unable to and the bottles instead get discarded halfway through their use.

save waterIn Beijing for example, over 17 million people visit every year for conferences and events. Roughly 70% of them drink bottled water. This means about 12 million bottles are used by travelers in Beijing each year. If we assume that 1/10 of every 500ml bottle is being discarded, the amount of water being wasted in Beijing alone adds up to 600 tons every year. In major western cities like New York or San Francisco, this number is likely to be even higher.

Solution: Signature Bottles

Bottled water company Aershan is trying to remedy this problem by painting a layer of coding that can be marked by scratching. People can use their finger to draw a unique label so they are able to tell their bottles apart. Aershan is calling these bottles Signature Bottles

save waterThis simple, low cost solution is a great way to save water in group events and personalize your water bottles. By identifying bottles, less water will be wasted. People won’t be forced to go and find a new bottle to replace the one they got mixed up. This solves a problem that people are frequently faced with, but rarely think about. It’s a solution that all mineral-water brands could adopt which would have a positive impact on the environment.

save waterUsers of the bottle can design their own unique and beautiful art pieces directly onto the bottle. This makes them not only easy to distinguish but a one of a kind statement. Aershan’s Signature Bottles made a large amount of impressions and saw a big boost in sales when they first launched.


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