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Multi-Purpose Backpack: BackZips

BackZips is the most fashion forward, secure, and durable multi-purpose backpack on the market. It offers every function you could potentially think of and more, including a built in battery for your smartphone. The zipper opens towards you, preventing thieves from accessing it while you’re on the move. The multi-purpose backpack has tons of storage pockets and a sturdy waterproof exterior built out of Kevlar. It serves any and every need, and is available at an extremely reasonable and affordable price.

A Closer Look at the Multi-Purpose Backpack

multi-purpose backpack

Key Features

  • Lots of internal and external pockets
  • Kevlar Reinforced material, waterproof
  • Secure rear zipper and cushioned back air pockets
  • Secret pockets in straps
  • Integrated charger with USB and USB-c ports

multi-purpose backpack

Price & Availability

BackZips is ending its extremely successful Kickstarter on September 16th, 2016. Products are intended to ship December 2016 to Kickstarter backers. The MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) is $105.


Backzips has been receiving support due to its high-functionality and reasonable price tag. It does not have much of a social media following, so be sure to do your own research before you invest. The integrated charger is a unique and extremely useful function sure to come in handy for everyone. The backpack has dedicated storage for any and all needs you may have, with details like a dedicated pocket for an SD card.

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