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Cozy Sleep Items Collection: Stay Well Rested

About ready for nap-time? With the many cozy sleep items at Apollo Box, you’ll be able to lay down and take a nap just about anywhere you can imagine. Most of them are great for long trips when you’re stuck in the car, but we’ve also included a unique sleep monitor that’s perfect for tracking your sleep home. Wherever your travels may take you, these cozy sleep items will help you to rest better during the day or at night.

Ostrich Pillow (Full Size)

So tired you could bury your head in the ground? For the serious power nappers, the original full-size Ostrich Pillow wraps your head in comfort for the ultimate snooze. The cocoon effect reduces noise for optimal relaxation. Also available as a travel pillow, in Light and Mini sizes.

cozy sleep items

Trtl Travel Pillow

Tired of neck pain from ordinary pillows? The Ttrl Travel Pillow has a secret support system hidden underneath the super soft fleece that supports your neck. The pillow is ergonomically designed to give you the most comfortable sleep possible while you’re on the move.

cozy sleep items

RestOn Smart Sleep Monitor

The RestOn Smart Sleep Monitor is a comfortable sensor band that tracks your heart and respiratory rates while you sleep. Instead of strapping on to your wrist, the RestOn is designed to be fixed to your sheets and turn on automatically. RestOn has a smart alarm which is able to wake you up at the proper time in your sleep cycle.


cozy sleep items

ThinkLoop Speaker Pillow

A speaker and a travel pillow in one, the ThinkLoop Speaker Pillow is a smart pillow that doubles as wireless Bluetooth earphones. ThinkLoop allows you to listen to your music and relax when you’re on the go.

cozy sleep items


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