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Singles Awareness Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Those dreaded words, like needles on a chalkboard. A constant reminder from every corner of your life that this year, you’ll be on your own for “singles awareness day.” Fret not, fellow single person! We’ve got plenty of gifts to get you through the month so you can get on with your life. Celebrate being a lone wolf in style with these cozy, fun, and delicious treats!

All the Wei Chocolates

A personal favorite, Wei Chocolates are good for every occasion but are especially nice when you want to treat yourself to something truly delicious. Each box is filled with a gift-wrapped garden of little chocolate flowers that bloom with flavor in your mouth.

Singles Awareness

Bar Bones Cocktail Shaker

Mix up some dark and wicked cocktails for you (and your friends) with the Bar Bones Cocktail Shaker. This helpful cocktail kit comes with thirteen recipes featuring all sorts of ghoul-themed drinks to get you through dark and sinister nights.

Singles Awareness

Ostrich Pillow (Full Size)

Are you tired of everyone? Bury your head in the ground with the full-sized Ostrich Pillow and snooze the day away. The cocoon effect reduces noise for the optimal relaxation environment. Also available as a travel pillow, in Light and Mini sizes.

Singles Awareness

Giant Unicorn Lamp

Looking for a mystical protector? Look no further than the Giant Unicorn Lamp. This intrepid unicorn from Smoko is over a foot and a half tall and glows with a gentle soothing light that will lull you to slip, or pulse and strobe to keep you motivated and amped up. Its body is made of heat resistant material and is safe to touch, and its 16 color options can be controlled by remote control. Let this mystical giant unicorn guide you towards a better tomorrow.
Singles Awareness

Unicorn Pajamas

Would you prefer to BE a unicorn yourself? These unicorn pajamas will send rainbows into your soul as you wait out the cold season. Best when accompanied by a hot cup of cocoa while you’re binge-watching your favorite TV shows.

Singles Awareness

No Girlfriend/Boyfriend, No Problem

Enjoying your carefree single life? Show off your sassy self and celebrate singles awareness with the No Girlfriend / No Boyfriend t-shirt. Great for making a statement.
Singles Awareness

U-Pet Backpack

Does your pet eternally hold your heart? Take them everywhere with the U-Pet Backpack. The revolutionary semi-sphere window will keep them entertained and safe while you both travel about in the outside world. A built-in soft washable pad will keep them comfortable and clean.
Singles Awareness

Bath Bomb Handmade Soap

Bathe in the sweet tastes and therapeutic scents of these luxurious Bath Bomb Handmade Soap bars. Choose from a variety of scents and treat yourself to a warm and relaxing soak.

Singles Awareness

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