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BiOrb Aquariums: Healthy and Stylish Home For Your Fish

BiOrb Aquariums are a unique collection of stylish and easy to use acrylic aquariums that are perfect for housing small fish or shrimp without the hassle of traditional aquarium maintenance. A special filtration system works to maintain the cleanliness of the tank while minimizing the amount of maintenance you have to do yourself.

We have four aquariums designs varied in size and light effects. To invigorate your aquariums, we also offer three categories of accessories, each with a large variety of options to choose from. We look forward to seeing what kind of aquarium you will create!

BiOrb 30

The standard option, BiOrb 30 is a stylish 8-gallon aquarium with a five-stage filtration system for keeping your fish healthy and happy. Like all biOrb aquariums, it operates at a low 12V and has a long lasting LED light. The acrylic material is stronger and clearer than regular glass. Instead of using a box filter or gravel, biOrbs use ceramic to provide biological filtration and store waste at the base. You just need to replace the filter cartridge and a third of the water once a month.

biorb aquarium

BiOrb Flow 30

The BiOrb Flow has all the features of the standard option but is also able to simulate a natural 24 hour light cycle for your fish. You can also choose your favorite color or scroll through the light spectrum using the remote-controlled LED. Instead of the usual orb shape, the BiOrb Flow is box-like, an easy fit on tabletops and shelves. BiOrb Flow also holds 8 gallons of water.

biorb aquariums

Baby BiOrb

Just like the regular BiOrb but smaller! The Baby BiOrb is half the size, holding only 4 gallons. All functionality is consistent with the larger orb. Smaller doesn’t mean your fish will be any less healthy! You just need to replace the filter cartridge every six weeks and change a third of the water every two weeks.

biorb aquariums

BiOrb Halo 15 with Multicolor Lights

The BiOrb Halo is a 4-gallon aquarium with dynamic lighting effects identical to that of the BiOrb Flow. Choose your favorite color, scroll through the light spectrum, or set it to phase through a 24 hour natural light cycle. The lid on the BiOrb Halo hides the waterline to create a seamless and attractive aquarium unlike any other.

biorb aquariums

Accessories for BiOrb Aquariums

Choose from a selection of plants, decorations, and other accessories to make your BiOrb Aquariums a unique, one-of-a-kind expression of you!

biorb aquariums

BiOrb Accessories #1

biorb aquariums

Biorb Plants and Decor

biorb aquariums

BiOrb Accessories #2

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