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Unique Gifts for January Birthdays 2022

December has come and gone, and now January is here. There’re still a few more weeks for holiday shopping, but for those of you who’ve been through your holiday gifts, what now? Well, worry not. Gifts for the loved ones with a January birthday are as easy to find as the gifts you bought before Christmas! It’s not too late to get them one of these cool gifts.

Garnet and Freshwater Pearl Necklace

This necklace was created specifically for January-born plant lovers. Garnet is the birthstone for January, which is why we chose to make this flower with dark red garnet petals that surround a white freshwater pearl center. Add an elegant touch to one’s outfit with this one-of-a-kind piece!

Ceramic Bouquet Shaped Vase

If you’re buying flowers, it’s important that your recipient receive them in the most special way possible. This ceramic vase looks like a wrapped and tied bouquet when filled with carnations or snowdrops, the birth flowers for January. Choose a pink or white one to match the color of the flowers inside!

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Tea

Capricorn is a zodiac sign that’s typical of endurance and determination. This tin of Lucky Dragon green tea, reflecting this sign’s signature qualities, is perfect for those who want to give a tea-loving Capricorn in their life a gift. Plus, green tea has been shown to promote health and prevent cancer.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Tea

Aquarius is said to be a sign of intelligence, humanitarianism, and self-sacrifice. The Aquarius-inspired tea tin is now available for those with an Aquarian spirit. This tin of sencha is perfect for those who enjoy starting their morning with tea, as it reminds us to start fresh and remember what’s important.

Constellation Bookmark

Give your loved ones the gift of a constellation as a perfect birthday present. Choose from our list of constellations to customize the gift. A constellation ball will be dangling from this silver feather bookmark. It can glow in the dark, perfect for marking their place in a book after reading.

Mermaid Spiral Planner

January is the perfect time to start thinking about goals and resolutions. If you’re looking for a gift for your loved one that can help them stay organized and motivated, consider this loose-leaf notebook. A beautiful mermaid graces its cover. The shell closure snaps shut to keep their notes safe, while various pages provide ample space for them to write their thoughts down or draw some inspiration from the depths of the ocean.

Reindeer Earmuffs

Winter is here, and with it comes the need for a set of earmuffs. These earmuffs are a great gift for someone whose birthday is so close to Christmas! The fuzzy cushions will keep their ears warm in the bitter cold, and the antlers are just the right touch of holiday cheer. There are five colors to choose from.

Cat Ear Beret

If you need a gift for that special someone who’s celebrating their winter birthday, but don’t want to give them anything too festive, this beret is a great option. It comes in six colors. With cat ears and whiskers, this knitted hat will not only keep their head warm, but also add a cute touch to their outfit.

Butterfly Birthday Matchbox

The butterfly is one of the most popular symbols for change and rebirth. We’ve taken the symbol of a butterfly, given it heart-shaped abalone shell wings, and put it in a matchbox. This box makes a perfect birthday gift for anyone who would like to spread their wings and fly away from the ordinary.

Birth Moon Small Stud Earrings

This is the perfect birthday present for your space enthusiast or moon lover. Customize the earrings by providing us with the birth date and time zone. We’ll check the phase of the moon for that date, and create a beautiful pair of personalized earrings that are sure to capture your loved one’s attention.

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