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Hidden Speaker in a Painting: Basswall

Basswall is a high power Bluetooth hidden speaker in a painting, available for a short time on Kickstarter. Basewall is the stealth ninja of Bluetooth speakers, invisible but loud enough to simulate a full sound system without the extra bulk. As a user, you choose the music and the artwork. Instead of settling for something that “sounds good for the size” enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard.

How the Hidden Speaker works

Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, Basswall does not require a dedicated phone app to work. Basewall works with any standard large 24×36 poster to allow you to easily update your home decor. Inside is a large cavity with sound damping material to reduce speed, which creates big sound from the small hidden speakers.

Key Features

  • 200 WATT dual BTL Amplifier for huge sound from small speakers
  • Standard Bluetooth wireless streaming audio, no dedicated software required
  • Provided install kit, hangs like a painting
  • Fits any standard 24×36″ poster
  • Weighs 50 lbs at 40×28″ and hangs on most walls
  • Dual Subwoofers for extra bass
  • Six speakers, 3-Way Crossover 360 Degree Stereo

hidden speaker

Price & Availability

Basswall is ending its Kickstarter campaign soon, and is still in need of a lot of help before they are fully funded. The Super Early Bird price is around $520 USD. There is also a custom signed Basswall which comes with video about how it was made for about $1,305. For people just looking to help them out, they are even offering T-shirts for around $35 and the chance to have your name listed on their website for less than $15.

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