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Influencer of the Quarter: Crystal from YounicStyle


Meet Crystal Hsu, the beauty and brains behind YounicStyle. Crystal is our Influencer of the Quarter and we couldn’t be more excited to pick her brain and introduce her to you all. See how Crystal got into blogging, became an Instagram influencer and see what Apollo Box products she loves!

1. Tell us about yourself and how you got into blogging.

I started my very first blog post back in college. At the time, I wrote it partially for fun, and also partially as a platform to update my life with family and friends since I went to the college in a different city so they knew what I was up to. I am always a fun seeker and love creative stuff, so having a blog allowed me to share my life and things I am passionate about such as makeup, fashion or interesting events in town.

2. Why YounicStyle? How did you come up with that name?

My philosophy is being myself without letting people’s judgement affect who I am.
Every single person in this world is unique, and has a different talent/purpose to offer/ serve, that’s how I came up with this name because you should be YOUnic no matter what. Just be yourself and be one of your own kind. Life is so much happier and easier that way trust me.

3. What is the focus of your blog? Niche?

My Instagram and Youtube are like an extension of myself, so I would say my main target is girls in between 20-35. I like to share inspirational fashion trends/ styles, beauty tutorial/ tips, lifestyle home decorations, travel and events.

4. Are you blogging full time or do you have any other job?

I have a full time job working for social media marketing and sales at a skincare company based in Los Angeles. I do my Youtube and Instagram as my side projects.

5. When did you realize that you had become an Instagram Influencer? How did you feel?

When my following has increased and more people liked and commented on my photos. It feels amazing when you have a community where people who share similar visions or interests are supporting and constantly giving you feedback on the content you create. Also, the increase of brand collaborations is a great indication as well.

6. What’s the most exciting part about being an Influencer?

To me, it’s having a supportive community, and a chance to work with a lot of amazing brands, and to attend events to connect with more like minded people.

7. What challenges have you ran across since becoming an Influencer?

Since I have a full time job, time management becomes very important and challenging if I need to get a lot of things done in a day. And of course, the bigger you become, the more opportunities you receive, so it’s very important to filter and work with brands that you believe in based off limited time and resources I have.

8. What do you like about Apollo Box? What to you makes Apollo Box different from other brands?

The first thing that impressed me when I visited the website was the reasonable price point and a wide variety of options. I am a big fan of home decorating, and the items on Apollo Box are very easy to be styled in any kind of home setting which I like a lot.

9. What Are Some of Your Favorite Apollo Box Products?


I love the bedding products including the pillows and the throw, they are so cute and make my living space so homey and cozy. Also the decor lights are an easy way to change the vibe of the whole room, they make great gifts for birthdays or any kind of celebrations.

10. How did you like doing the giveaway campaigns with Apollo Box?


It’s a fun collaboration, because of the cute cactus pillow, so people were excited to participate. I had a great time styling it too. Special thanks to Arianne who reached out to me and was so responsive to all questions I had. She also gave me flexibility on brainstorming ideas and the way I presented it. It was a pleasant collaboration!

11. How would you describe Apollo Box to your friends?

It’s a shop where you will find inspirations for home decoration or can look for a great lifestyle gift for friends and family at reasonable price.

12. Would you have a long term relationship with Apollo Box?

Yes, I would love to.

13. What tips can you give someone who is interested in starting their own Youtube Channel or wants to use their personal Instagram account as a platform?

It’s very important to know what makes you stand out in the crowd, because there are tons of creative people out there pumping out content every single day. So know what you can offer, be genuine and be persistent on posting are the main keys to get you started.

14. What legacy do you want YounicStyle to leave?

In my Youtube videos and Instagram feed, one of the messages I want to deliver is to empower women. Women are strong creatures by nature, and despite of the obstacles and stereotypes we encounter from the society, we should not be held back. So THRIVE ON, girls! It’s our time to shine!

To learn more about Crystal & Younic Style follow her Instagram: @younicstyle and checkout her YouTube channel!

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