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ROBOTERRA Teaches Kids Around the World to Code

Playing with a robot is fun. Designing and building your own robots can be more fun! While creating a robot typically requires college-level coding and engineering skills, ROBOTERRA makes it straightforward and entertaining for students as young as ten years’ old. With a customized robotics toolset and a cloud-based coding platform, ROBOTERRA teaches kids around the world to code with imagination and creativity. Curious adults who want to get their hands wet with programming would also love the package.

How does ROBOTERRA work?

ROBOTERRA has two components, the Origin Kit toolset for robot engineering and the Castle Rock online platform for programming.

Origin Kit

The Origin Kit is a collection of robotics equipment, including a robot controller, a variety of sensors, metal parts, nuts, screws, and easy-to-use tools. Students with little or no knowledge of robotics can quickly get started without stuck by technical difficulties.


The Origin Kit includes five boxes:



CastleRock is a robotic coding platform and an online robotics curriculum. It connects with the Origin Kit hardware seamlessly through an integrated Application Program Interface (API). It allows kids to learn C++, an object-oriented programming language and write efficient commands using simple one-line codes. The real-time communication between CastleRock and the robot’s brain, RoboCore, enables students to recognize and debug errors easily.


How to create a robot with ROBOTERRA?

  1. Think of a robot you’d like to build.
  2. Choose the appropriate sensors and actuators from the Origin Kit, connect the RoboCore to a computer, connect all the electronics and the battery case to your RoboCore.
  3. Name your robot in CastleRock.
  4. Start CastleRock Free Mode to program your robot. Use “EVENTS” and “COMMANDS” in the documentation, and run your program.
  5. Debug using the Virtual Robot for real-time feedback.
  6. Build the robot skeleton with parts from the Build Box and the Connect Box.
  7. Calibrate your robot with varied data.

Your robot is ready to go!


Check the Robotics 101 videos below for more demonstrations.

What are the benefits?

ROBOTERRA provides educational value beyond building and coding a robot. It is the ambition, creativity, collaboration, and ingenuity fostered through the learning process that would benefit kids in the long term.

  • Creativity: Students utilize their imagination to build their robots through hardware and software designs.
  • Collaboration: ROBOTERRA provides a physical and an online platform for students to communicate, share ideas, and challenge each other to build robots.
  • Ingenuity: Students must use their ingenuity to solve problems, instead of relying on instruction manuals.


Price and Timeline

ROBOTERRA is now available for pre-order at igg.me/at/roboterra. The market price for a combo of an Origin Kit and a CastleRock registration key is $429. You may get an early bird price of $199 from the campaign. Shipping to backers starts from June 2016. To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below:


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