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Apollo Surprise Box: 3 Reasons Why It Makes the Best Gift

Apollo Surprise Box

No matter the occasion, the Apollo Surprise Box is the best gift you can give to your loved one. It’s also the best favor you can give to yourself.

Let’s face it, buying gifts is a year round hobby and sometimes it seems never-ending. There’s birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, showers and the list goes on.

Now you might be one of those people who loves to take your time buying presents and sincerely enjoys the whole gift shopping experience. But if you’re the person who dreads shopping for gifts and takes the cash / gift card route, we totally get it.

Regardless of which person you are, there’s no shame in your game and we think you’ll love giving our Apollo Surprise Box as a present. Plus our subscription service is extremely flexible, so you can give it as a one-time gift, quarterly gift or monthly gift!

Scroll down and see the 3 reasons why you should gift our Apollo Surprise Box.


It’s Always a Surprise That The Receiver Will Like

Apollo Surprise Box

One of the coolest things about the Apollo Surprise Box is you never know what you’re going to get. It’s the the perfect pick-me-up on those days when you want the unexpected to happen.

Now depending on your personality, surprise can be a positive or negative word.  But we promise you that you or whoever you’re gifting the Apollo Surprise Box too will love every item inside.

How can we guarantee this? With our Apollo Box survey! Before we send the recipient their box, we send them a survey to fill out. This survey guarantees that each item in the box is hand picked to fit their personal taste and lifestyle. They’ll get products that they will actually like and use.

Apollo Surprise Box

“This box is awesome. We chose minimalist, romantic, rustic and vintage and modern for our styles. And from their categories we chose; terrarium, pet, bath and beauty, handmade, fancy food and home decor and we have to say that we received the coolest selection of items EVER!”Not A Tree Reviews

With our August Apollo Surprise Box, they really curated to our preferences perfectly … Apollo Surprise Box really impressed us with items that were truly unique and quite simply cool.”Find Subscription Boxes


It Has Gifts People Love But Wouldn’t Buy For Themselves

Apollo Surprise Box

We’ve all been in that situation where we see something we want but don’t necessarily need. If an item doesn’t have a productive function, it’s hard to justify buying it.

Well thanks to Apollo Surprise Box, you can be the person that gives your loved ones all the things they want but would never buy for themselves. Maybe they want one of those dreamy Moon Lights that are trending on social media. Or they’re dying to get one of those unique Solar System Bracelets but they already have a lot of accessories.

Be the best friend or family member around that gives them all of their heart’s desires with our Apollo Surprise Box!

Apollo Surprise Box

“I received a trial box for free the other day and it, in my case, contained 3 totally random, but fun items … Very happy with this box! These are products that I probably would never order myself, but I do like them!” – Kizzy from Kizzy Online

The Apollo Surprise Box is worth the Risk

Apollo Surprise Box

Like we mentioned above, there’s always a risk factor when it comes to surprises but we think it’s worth the risk. In the worst case scenario, the Apollo Surprise Box you gift to a loved one has something they’re not entirely in love with.

Let’s say for instance you decide to give an Apollo Surprise Box to your mom for Mother’s Day. One of the gifts is a Happy Cat Hanging Storage Pocket and she’s not a huge fan of cats.

Does that ruin the whole gift? Of course not! There are still 2- 3 other gifts included that she’ll love and she can totally re-gift the Happy Cat Hanging Storage Pocket. So don’t worry if your friend or family member receives one gift they’re not too happy about. We have a gift for everybody and if they aren’t completely sold on a gift, someone they know will love it.

Apollo Surprise Box

“If you aren’t sure if this is the subscription for you I highly recommend spending some time on their website browsing through their shop, I could spend hours looking at all the fun products they sell.”A Year Of Boxes

“ … if you like adventure this may be a good one to try. Even if the items aren’t for you, they are quite giftable.”My Subscription Addiction


Want to gift an Apollo Surprise Box? Click here!


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