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Personalized Family Robot BIG-i

BIG-i is a personalized family robot that responds to voice commands and acts as a bridge between your whole family, even while you are away. It takes charge of the daily grind and maintains the bonds between your family by sending messages. Simply tell it some basic information in advance and it will handle things at home for you.

Through adapting its various skills, it’s capable of doing many things. Once it receives a voice command, it uses its perception system to detect the environment. If all conditions are matched, it will carry out the task automatically.

personalized family robot

List of Features

personalized family robot

Comforting and Social Personalized Family Robot

BIG-i is designed to be a comforting addition to the family. It uses a clothlike appearance, soft cushioning material and is sized to integrate into your household whether you’re sitting, walking, or standing. It is a social robot that uses its eye to express different feelings and emotions. personalized family robot

The personalized family robot receives your requirements through voice programming and translates them to text before submitting them to the system. It calls up the appropriate sensors to detect conditions and uses the appropriate skills if the answer is positive to perform tasks and meet your needs. It doesn’t require any coding to operate. The NXROBO operating system can be updated with more apps to learn more tasks.

BIG-i is able to learn your preferences, and remember things like your music preference, the location of a specific room, and the names of friends and family. It’s capable of analyzing every word to process tasks and new information.

Functionality and Future of BIG-i

BIG-i is the future of robotic home companions and is built on an open API to allow developers to create works and share them on the App Store. Some of the great potentials of BIG-i include full immersion using VR glasses to see the world through BIG-i’s lens and the ability to convert sign language to speech.

personalized family robot

Price and Availability

The BIG-i personalized family robot is currently available on Kickstarter at a preorder price of $599 and up. Retail prices are expected to be between $1000 and $1500. There are a number of versions available, including a Developer Edition, a Home Edition, and a DIY edition that allows you to personalize the appearance and power supply. The estimated delivery date is April 2017.

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