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Delicious and Nutritious Sweets and Food Staples

A few months back, we guided you towards some great kitchen items that were all panda shaped. Now, we’ve got a new collection of all sorts of great food items for you to enjoy. We’ve brought you a variety of unique, delicious and nutritious treats that are sure to bring a smile to your face and your belly! All of the food we offer is made by people who are devoted to bringing you the highest quality of ingredients, and most of our food items are organic and GMO-free. You can find delicious and nutritious food here at Apollo Box.


For everyone with a sweet tooth, we’ve got a great selection of candy and chocolate to get your sugar rush started. Wei chocolates are like a present to your mouth and come in a number of flavors. We’ve also got a variety of lollipops for anyone looking for that quality candy fix.

delicious and nutritious

Galaxy Lollipops

delicious and nutritious

All the Wei Dark Chocolate

delicious and nutritious

Swarovski Crystal Lollipops

delicious and nutritious

Crystal Rock Candy






Food Staples

As sad as it sounds, you can’t eat sweets all the time! We’re here to help you with a couple food staples that should keep you going throughout the day. In the morning, try  one of our healthy stone-ground cereal from Back to the Roots. Check out our selection of zen teas for a relaxing teatime. Take advantage of our extra virgin olive oil with all of your meals, and enjoy our healthy and delicious steam-cooked GreeNoodles any time of day!

delicious and nutritious

Extra Virgin Macadamia Nut Oil

delicious and nutritious

Cocoa Clusters Cereal Pack

delicious and nutritious

Matcha to Go Sticks

delicious and nutritious

GreeNoodle with Tom Yum





Browse our Food category for our entire selection of great food items!

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