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Remote Switch Bot: World’s Smallest IOT Robot

The remote Switch Bot controls any switch or button you place it next to by connecting to your smartphone. It’s compatible with many popular Internet of Things smart devices and works with virtually any rocker switch in the world.

remote switch bot

How the Remote Switch Bot Works

Simply attach the Switch Bot to any switch or button using the included adhesive, and control it using your smartphone device. A simple mechanical device with a brain, you can control it from afar to make your life a little bit easier. Configure your Bluetooth and WiFi, set preferences and times, and enjoy hands-free control in your home. Its unobtrusive design means can also still use your switch as normal.

remote switch bot

Key Features

  • Easy installation with 3M VHB tape included for each Switch Bot
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo, SmartThings, WeMo and more, with new APIs released in the future
  • Compatible with global rocker switches
  • Replaceable Lithium battery with 600 days of use
  • Controlled via smartphone app, set timers and “if this, then that” (IFTTT) instructions
  • Fits all switches/buttons

Price and Availability

Switch Bot was available on Kickstarter  and will begin shipping in January 2017. Refer to their website for further retail information.

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