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You’ll Fall In Love With These Small Space Decor Trends

Size doesn’t matter, what matters is your decor. You don’t have to live in a mansion to enjoy some of the finest styles. You can dress up your apartment, dorm room, or small house. Here are a few trends that’ll emphasize your home and make it feel more functional and stylish: 

It’s All About Personality

Individuality is a huge decor trend; especially for small homes. It’s your job to showcase your personality quickly and effectively. So, who are you? What do you like? If you love all things feminine, have the color pink everywhere. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, use Deathly Hallows embroidered art to express your love. 

Bring In The Nature

Everyone loves plants, but not everyone can take care of plants. The good news is you can use faux plants to decorate your home. What matters most is the kind of planters you use to store your plants. These Geometric Wall Planters will turn foliage into art and bring life to your home. 

Colorful Gallery Wall 

You don’t have to be an artist to have a wall of pictures. Whether you want to showcase your family or your favorite quotes. Pick a bare wall in your home and make a statement. We recommend using different frames to create a really trendy look. The more eccentric and colorful the better!

Bold Patterns And Colors

Neutral tones? Next! Gone are the days of gray, white, and black. Now, it’s all about maximizing your small space with bold patterns and loud colors. Is there a cheetah print couch you’ve had your eye on? What about this Modern Abstract Area Rug? This rug’s bold colors and unique design will no doubt enhance your small living or dining room.

The ‘70s Are Back

Remember when wallpaper was all the rage? Looks like it’s come full circle. Whether you want to add color or a unique pattern, wallpaper can bring something new to your home. Plus, peel and stick wallpaper exists! Which means you can swap out different wallpapers at your leisure. 

Cozy, Cozy, Cozy 

The cozier your small space the more on trend you are! So, what are you waiting for? Add these Cozy Throw Blankets to your couch and use these Mixed Stone Pillows to bring comfort to your home. Don’t forget about candles! The more candles you have the more comfortable your space. 

Portable Clothing

Chances are, your small home doesn’t have enough closet space. That’s okay! Portable clothing racks are trending, as they provide extra storage and a cool vibe. Keep it in your master bedroom to achieve a mess-free space that’ll wow all your visitors. 

Minimalist & Clean

Yes, it’s all about bold colors. But minimalism is another small space trend. If you love your home clean and functional, integrate more beige with small pops of color. Our Colorful Fringed Throw Pillows pair nicely with neutral tones. Whether you want everything white or baby blue, you can use these to accessorize.

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