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iGulu: Smartest Craft Beer Home Brewery

Have you ever imagined making your own beer at home? No pricey equipment? No knowledge of brewing? No time for complex procedures? No problem! The new iGulu* home brewery offers an automated and affordable solution for you to create high-quality craft beer at home in as little as one week with just one touch.

iGulu is a self-contained device that performs all the steps of brewing beer, enabling users to create a broad range of professional quality craft beer recipes with virtually no effort or knowledge of beer brewing technique. iGulu can brew 5 liters of beer at a time. About the size of a small microwave oven and featuring a modern, industrial design look, iGulu is intended for countertop use.

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How does it work?

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 Key features

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Timeline and Price

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $700,000 from $1200+ backers that on earlier this year, iGulu is now available to pre-order on Indiegogo for the second round. It starts at an early-bird rate of $549, as compared to an intended retail price of $989. Shipping to backers will begin in December 2016. To learn more or pre-order, click the button below:


Social media discussion

Master home brewers, who often brew at large batches with bulky home breweries, felt iGulu would not satisfy their appetite given the maximum capacity of 5L per MiniKeg. Budget buyers who try to save money over grocery store beers thought iGulu would not win in a short run with the market price tag. However, compared to its competitors, iGulu is still the smartest, most affordable, and most compact home brewer in the market. It’s 5L capacity also offers versatile brewing choices. For all the fun and convenience of brewing your own beer at home, it’s worth a try, especially at its pre-sale price.

See this post for further discussion if you are still debating about whether to order iGulu home brewery.

*Due to a trademark dispute, the product name has changed from Artbrew to iGulu.

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