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Portable Gym Bodyboss 2.0 Starting Fitness Revolution

The BodyBoss Portable Gym is a convenient and versatile alternative to spending money and time going to the gym and working on bulky exercise machines. BodyBoss 2.0 takes the place of thousands of dollars of gym equipment in one discreet package. BodyBoss comes with a bonus video workout program which guides you through using the portable gym, and teaches you different exercises.

The story of BodyBoss started with one man’s invention book and a concept in the early 90s. Ten years later, he created an LLC for his family and in a few years, the dream was realized. The first iteration of the design was so successful that it was featured on Shark Tank, and a second batch was called for.

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How the Portable Gym Works

The BodyBoss has a VectorFit base which controls direction and magnitude of force. Just flip it open to unlock hundreds of exercises. The design focused on functionality, portability, and safety, so you can have a customized workout without worrying about overtaxing the machine. The gym comes with Resistaboss bands which are latched to anchor points to mimic dumbbells, lat pull downs, cardio boxing, and other movements. It works for core strength and for cardio.

Key Features

  • Portable, versatile, and light (7lbs)
  • Withstands more than 500lbs of force
  • Anchor points pivot 180 degrees to upright for maximum portability
  • Portable workout bar
  • Strong resistance bands
  • Handles (act like dumbbells)
  • Wrist/Ankle bands

portable gym

Price and Availability

BodyBoss 2.0 blew past its conservative $15,000 Kickstarter goal to amass over $550,000, and its campaign ended September 8th. The portable gym is available in a variety of packages on their website, starting at $350 for each. Larger packages are available for gyms, sports teams, and personal trainers.

BodyBoss is a much smaller and more affordable alternative than other home exercise machines on the market. Other all-in-one exercise equipment typically ranges between $1,000 and $3,000 dollars at retail, and are bulky and difficult to find space for. They also require over an hour of assembly. BodyBoss is portable, quick to assemble, and significantly more affordable. It’s been a huge success since its first launch, and this recent campaign has proven that it will continue to be a tour de force.

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Donna Grewell October 26, 2020 at 6:06 am

I ordered and paid for the BodyBoss home portable gym on September 23. It has not been shipped to me. Is this a SCAM?

Donna n November 8, 2020 at 11:38 am

I have ordered mine over two months ago it came out of my acc too. And good luck trying to find anyone to ask about it!! Im getting pissed!!!

Kimberly Alanis November 13, 2020 at 10:06 am

I ordered and paid for mine on 9/29/20 and still haven’t received it.


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