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How to Make a Creative Home Workspace

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A creative home workspace is essential if you work from home, study at home or dedicate energy on a hobby or side hustle.  If you’ve ever worked from home you know that it’s a struggle to not cross that fine line and transition from working to lounging.  

So make life easier and create a no nonsense space where you can concentrate, be inspired, gain momentum and accomplish your goals. Below are three steps to make a creative home workspace, plus three home workspace collages for inspiration!

Step #1: Dedicate a Space and Keep it Sacred

home workspace

The first step to making your home workspace is finding your space to create.  A spot on the couch or in front of the TV may not be the best choice.

This Boho-Chic Home Workspace would look great in a room that has tons of natural light.  Natural light is a good place to hunker down because you’ll stay alert and productive. Make sure your spot is away from spots in the house that you associate with relaxation.

Hanging Wall Pocket ($35), Japanese Boulder Mug ($15), Himalayan Salt Lamp ($36), Hand Blown Glass Vase ($50),  Secret Garden Coloring Book ($33),  Leaf on Glass Framed Wall Art ($30)


Step #2: Surround Yourself With the Essentials

home workspace

Home workspace essentials are objects that are project related and inspiring.  As pictured above in our Minimalist Woodsy Home Workspace, workspace essentials can be functional and decorative and the same time.  Use your work essentials to personalize your special space.

Make a mood board that reminds you why you do what you do.  Hang a poster that helps you visualize the goal you’re trying to reach or frame quotes that inspire you.

Any object that helps you stay on track and move toward completion is an object work having.   Remove anything that is distracting or will not help you reach your goal.

Big Round Wall Clock ($45), Test Tube Vases ($40), Wooden Coffee Mug ($19), Wooden House Vase ($38), Technical Illustration Art Print ($20), Felt Pencil Wrapper ($30),


Step #3: Invest in Your Home Workspace

home workspace

Some people can work in coffee shops and don’t need an at home workspace, and that’s awesome.  If you’re someone that needs a designated space at home that’s ok too.

Invest in this space and don’t feel bad about it. Whether this creative workspace is where you’ll work full time, complete your homework or turn your passions/hobby into a side hustle, this space is the place where you create.

So make it work for you and continue to re-organize, add and subtract things until you find the right balance. Buy a fun vase like the dinosaur planter in our “Fun and Unique Home Workspace.  Invest in that oak desk or unique lamp that you have your eye on. Your work is a reflection of you and anything that will inspire you to work harder is worth investing in.

Dinosaur Planter ($25), Retro Camera Mug ($19), Jellyfish Chair ($120), Oak State Art ($75), Fruit Slice Wall Clock ($30), Spaceman LED Light ($14)

Click here for more home workspace essentials! What helps you stay focused while working at home? Comment below!


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