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Quick Guide: Boho Wedding Ideas for Brides and Grooms

Are you a free and wild soul not wanting to follow the typical wedding traditions? A boho-inspired wedding could be just the right thing for you and your partner! Maybe you are worrying, “I wish I could have one, but I’m not sure how.” Read through this article to get inspired!

Boho Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is the main focus of the bride. It comes in a wide range of forms. Boho really is an attitude or state of mind, which is brought to life by easy-to-wear fabrics, botanical lace, bell or long sleeves, two-piece or off-the-shoulder design, soft colors, etc. You can choose a dress with a touch of boho or one with a bunch of boho elements.

The Lace Wedding Dresses, for instance, consist of an inner solid dress and an outer lace dress. The latter features a deep Y-neckline and large, bell-shaped sleeves with tassels, which give the dress its bohemian feel.

The Satin Jersey Wedding Dress also has two parts, one made of soft satin jersey and the other delicate lace. Both have two pieces of fabric that loosely cover your breasts and are tied together at the back of the waist. Perfect for rustic and boho weddings!

This Two-Piece Lace & Chiffon Wedding Dress features a lined lace top and a soft, floor-length chiffon skirt, which makes it a unique wedding dress for free-spirited and beach brides. Pair this gown with a hat for an effortlessly chic bridal look.

Hair Accessories

The boho theme is about nature, and flowers play a crucial role in the bohemian bridal look, so why not use flowers in your hair too? Nothing can make you much more bohemian than a fresh or artificial flower crown; it is the ultimate boho hair accessory to add a touch of whimsy, wildness and femininity to your look.

This Floral Crown, for instance, is the perfect headpiece for any trendy, bohemian bride. Expertly crafted from silk, its delicate cream and pink silk flowers are complemented by gorgeous orange petals and green leaves. They are attached to a twine base to be secured to your head.

For bohemian brides who feel that crowns are not for them, look toward hair vines or head chains. A perfect alternative to crowns, hair vines are one of the most versatile headpieces. Wear your vine into or around a bun or updo, through loose waves, or across your forehead for a boho chic bridal look. This Gold Leaf Hair Vine, for example, features sparkly leaves on a delicate vine. Wear this elegant hair accessory as a headband or across your forehead for a boho-inspired look.

Head chains are also an alternative to floral crowns. Worn across your forehead or at the back of your head, these hair accessories work beautifully with boho brides by combining shimmering pearls and crystals with delicate chains. Add a little boho feel to your bridal outfit with this Rhinestone Head Chain. It features chains of smaller rhinestones with larger rhinestones as the centerpiece. This hair chain will add instant sparkle to your outfit.

For more information on bridal hair accessories, please refer to A Quick Guide to Choosing Hair Accessories for Your Wedding Day.

Boho Bridal Bouquet

Carry nature with you! A bohemian bridal bouquet will perfectly complement your boho wedding dress and hairstyle.

As one of the most simple and popular styles, hand-tied bouquets feature a wide range of freely arranged flowers and greenery, and are simply tied by ribbons or twines with stems left for a “fresh-picked” feel, as their name suggests. These bouquets are ideal for bohemian or rustic weddings. This Hand-Tied Paper Bouquet, for example, includes a lush arrangement of peach-colored paper flowers tied with yellow strings at the stems. It fits well into your outdoor or boho wedding.

Pageant or presentation bouquets have long stems and are designed to be held in a bride’s arm instead of her hand. Brides who are looking for something bohemian-inspired, unique and expressive are going to love these bouquets. This bouquet style will look stunning in your photos. The Orange Tiger Lily Bouquet, for instance, features orange silk tiger lilies and realistic-looking greenery. They are arranged in a perfect presentation style for your special events.

Boho Wedding Shoes

Complete your wedding day look with a pair of bridal shoes. The choice of boho wedding shoes depends on the venue, dress, other accessories you have, and many other factors, so they may be very different, but they are mostly relaxed and comfortable.

For a boho wedding, wear shoes that are of neutral tones like browns, beige, ivory and grays. You can choose brighter hues like orange if you have some other accessories in these colors. Go for natural or delicate fabrics, such as lace, leather and silk. You may wear gladiator shoes, flats, ankle boots, beaded sandals, chunky heels, etc., which will look harmonious with your boho dress.

This pair of Lace Gladiator Sandals, for example, is perfect for a summer boho wedding. The exquisite lace detailing with tassels and pearls creates a strong bohemian feel.

These Pearl Sandals feature toe rings and leather traps that embrace and flatter your feet. They are embellished with sparkly rhinestones and dangling pearls. Boho-chic and elegant, these bridal sandals are sure to turn heads.

The Braided Leather Heels are for the modern bohemian bride. Made of soft white leather, they feature braided leather straps around your ankles. These unique bridal shoes also have sturdy block heels and non-slip soles for comfortable support.

Shoes are optional! A bohemian wedding is one of those types of weddings where you can be as creative and unconventional as you want. You can go barefoot in, for instance, a beach ceremony to feel the sand under your toes. Instead of shoes, you can have anklets and jewelry. This Pearl Anklet is perfect for the beach bride who wants to feel relaxed and free on her wedding day. It features a chain of rhinestones and glass pearls dangling from the chain.

Boho Groom

Let’s not forget the groom! A bohemian groom can put aside the restrictive suit and formal tie. Instead, he can wear casual, loose trousers, and a white shirt. If he insists on tailoring, he can think of some boho-inspired patterns and fabrics, such as tweed (pictured below), or wear a waistcoat.

For more information on wedding themes, please refer to Various Wedding Themes, Bring Endless Inspiration.

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